Hair dying, hair coloring Services in Tokyo

Experience hair coloring techniques that do more than change the color of your hair. Japanese hair color technicians work with famous salons around Asia to create all new colors and benefits every day. The hair color specialists at Tokyo Beauty Star’s salons will give you natural-looking color while locking in your hair’s moisture, leaving it touchably soft.If you have a specific look you would like to acheive, bring in a photo of your desired color. Be sure to communicate any concerns about your hair with your technician in order to achieve the best results. Enjoy quality hair color services at competitive prices.


获得活力, 3d头发的颜色,同时保护你的头发从FIBREPLEX纤维粘结技术损害.


变换你的发型,并得到一个放松的头部水疗或复原治疗头发. 成为新的你!


从头发的保养,以新的色彩, 找到适合你在东京的顶级讲英语沙龙的一个看看.


与过去 200 颜色可供选择, 获得完美的头发颜色看起来不错,感觉好极了,不管是什么.



东京的最佳卷发沙龙 – 符合卷曲专家

在直发的土地与自然的卷发挣扎? 让我们在Unsarto帮助卷发专家你爱你的头发再次下跌.