About Us

About Us

What is Tokyo Beauty Stars?

We are a registered local Japanese company that specializes in introducing quality Japanese beauty services from top salons in Tokyo to tourists visiting Japan. We help tourists book the services with beauty salons and provide free online booking services and special prices.

We offer beauty packages with only the most experienced and top-notch stylists in Tokyo. Every stylist and salon is carefully selected to provide you with the best possible experience. From Japanese nail art to the latest hair treatment trends in Japan, our specially priced packages are exclusively tailored for our international customers. With the Japanese concept of “omotenashi” in mind, we provide customers with an unrivaled beauty experience.

All of the packages available from Tokyo Beauty Stars also have been carefully researched, designed, and field tested, and all of the content on our website was written and photographed by our team members based on actual experiences at these Japanese salons.

Our expertise in finding the Japanese beauty services in Tokyo

- “Omotenashi” Service

Yes, the phrase has become a bit of a cliché by now, but in the case of Japanese hair stylists, it still rings true - they will go the extra mile to make sure you’re taken care of. Services that would be seen as an add-on elsewhere are considered normal here, and special care is taken to ensure that the customer feels at ease. Anything from a head massage during your shampoo (which is rather nice in itself...) to making sure the ambiance is just right, or offering complimentary tea and sweets, they’ve got you covered. They even do eyebrow, eyelash, make-up services and more to make sure everything is tip-top when you leave the salon. Good service from the moment you step in until you leave is the norm, and at no extra cost - tipping doesn’t exist in Japan. Our affiliated salons provide you with an experience of Japanese “omotenashi” culture, which means “warm hospitality with excellent service.”

- The Best Hair Stylists in Tokyo

In Tokyo, there are over 20,000 hair salons and, despite the shrinking population caused by a decline in childbirth, more and more salons are appearing nationwide. Remaining a popular stylist in a competitive market with many hair salons is extremely difficult, but professional and attractive hairdressers who have technique, design sense, and high communication skills will continue to be loved by customers over time. We introduce some of the best hair stylists from the most professional and fashionable salons in Tokyo. Vidal Sassoon in the UK revolutionized the way hair is cut, but the original technique didn’t suit Asian hair, per se. Japanese hair stylists managed to adapt this technique to take away some of the bulkiness often seen with Asian hair while still suiting the overall shape of the head. Besides this simple foundation, Japanese salons also offer the latest hair treatments and varied, new cutting techniques to bring the best out of your hair, all while staying on top of the latest trends.

Our Mission

We delight women of the world with our Japanese beauty culture. We boost the business of Japanese salons and activate the beauty industry, and we will excite our global customers, Japanese stylists, and our colorful members with our new services.