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Get Healthy Hair With an Ultra-Relaxing Head Spa in Tokyo

Banish limp, lifeless hair with this Japanese healing head spa in Tokyo featuring a 30-minute head and shoulder massage!

Experience Bespoke Japanese Nail Salon in Tokyo Omotesando

A salon where nail art meets fine art. Watch as freehand nail art masters transform your nails into intricate pieces of art!

Rejuvenate Your Hair With Tokio Inkarami in Tokyo

For luscious locks, healthy scalp, and ultimate relaxation, schedule a hair pampering session with Apish’s highly qualified all-female team!

Comprehensive Package for Avant-Garde Tokyo Style with Tokio Inkarami

Transform your hairstyle and get a relaxing head spa or Tokio Inkarami hair treatment. Become the new you!

Medicated Herbal Oil Head Spa for Total Relaxation in Tokyo

Restore your inner mental balance with a calming, neuroscience-inspired medicated herbal oil head spa in Tokyo.

Revive And Detox Lifeless Hair With An Organic Head Spa in Tokyo

Bring life back to dull and tired locks with a holistic head spa in Tokyo, using pure essential oils with all-natural ingredients.

The Best English-Speaking Tokyo Salons

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Apish Cherie
Boy Attic
Boy Tokyo
Hayato Tokyo Roppongi
Hi Nails!
Laf from GARDEN
Nepenji HANARE
Spin Hair Works
The Pond Hair Tokyo
virth+LIM Nail & Eyelash


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