Boy Attic Hair Salon in Daikanyama

Boy Attic is owned by legendary hair designer Masayuki Mogi who successfully built his great reputation in London as an art director of Vidal Sassoon before opening his own hair salon group, boy Inc., in Tokyo. He revolutionized the Japanese beauty industry with the creation of the Hazushi technique. The Hazushi technique is Mogi’s original haircutting technique, which combines his world-class, detail-oriented craftsmanship with a little bit of a playful “off” element that comes from great sensibility. The “off” element is the key to create a customized look for each client. All the stylists at Attic are able to add this playful piece to any hairstyle and match each clients’ personality.
Salon: Boy Attic
Salon Location:

7-minute walk from Daikanyama Station (Tokyu Toyoko Line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Monday to Friday 11:00 – 20:00
• Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 19:00
* Closed on Tuesdays


• English
• French
• Japanese

Accepted Payments: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express

• Free Wi-Fi
• Rooftop terrace to spend waiting time
• Accepting e-money on top of other payment options

Cleanse your hair with mineral-rich carbonated water treatment and enjoy a one-of-a-kind, artistic haircut.


Yusuke Yoshihiro

As Yusuke was born in Germany and raised in the United States, he has a unique sensibility and understanding of various cultural backgrounds. Not only does he serve his clients with his edgy creativity, but Yusuke also communicates well with his clients using his great people skills and broad knowledge of different music and food cultures.

Misai Yaeshima

Misai always focuses on creating hairstyles which are easy for her clients to manage at home. She doesn’t use any secret techniques that only professional hair stylists can perform in creating beautiful hairstyles. Instead, Misai will show her clients how to re-create the hairstyle at home with simple-but-effective blow drying.


Kota Ezawa

Kota is the life and soul of the Boy team. With his extremely positive personality, he has the power to transform his clients’ negative feelings about their looks into self-confidence. Kota specializes in creating “wash & go” hairstyles, which look perfect and ready to go without any styling or setting.


Boy’s Original Shampoo & Treatment

This original shampoo and treatment are developed and produced by Boy with a clear concept: “Be gentle to scalp and skin in every way”. Several types of organic surfactants are combined and mixed into this shampoo to produce a rich and thick foam. Unlike other silicone-free shampoos that make hair dry and tangled, Boy’s original shampoo washes hair gently with plant-derived moisturizers. Not only is this shampoo good for the scalp and the hair, but it is also gentle enough to be used as a body wash.


Coi Hair Wax

Coi is Boy’s original silicone-free hair wax. Using Coi, even hairstyles with sensitive details can be created easily. The hair wax is unisex and suitable for various hairstyles from short hairstyles to long hairstyles. Coi is formulated with six types of natural herbs and floral herb extracts, as well as jojoba oil, which helps to produce healthy hair. So, you can take care of your hair while styling it using Coi.


Bunny Hair Balm

The salon’s original hair balm, Bunny, is formulated with plant-derived moisturizing ingredients that smooth add shine to your hair. The main ingredients of this balm are olive oil, shea butter, and beeswax. With their superb anti-UV, antibacterial, and antioxidant action, this trio of ingredients works together to protect the hair from external damage. You can indulge yourself in its relaxing scent produced by natural fragrances of rosemary and sandalwood.


Essence Shampoo & Treatment “Potpourri”

Potpourri is an essence shampoo for damaged hair. Unlike other silicone-free shampoos that make hair dry and tangled, Potpourri shampoo washes hair gently with rich and thick foam. Your scalp will be extremely clean and invigorated, while your hair will be silky and smooth. Potpourri Essence Treatment is used to treat damaged hair and is formulated with many high-quality moisturizers, including hyaluronic acids and fullerene, ingredients that are often used in skin care products for dry skin.

*All the Boy’s original products can be purchased from their online store.

Boy's Original Shampoo & Treatment

COI - Boy’s original silicone-free hair wax

Coi Hair Wax

Bunny hair balm with plant-derived moisturizing ingredients makes hair smooth and shine.

Bunny Hair Balm

Essence Shampoo & Treatment “Potpourri”