Fill Your Heart and Hair with TOKIO Inkarami and Head Spa

Let the 5 steps feather keratin treatment to repair your hair damage and experience absolute relaxation for your exhausted body and mind. Apish Ginza In Tokyo welcomes you with sophisticated hospitality, high quality skills and carefully selected treatments.

Salon Price 17,600 JPY
TBS Price 15,400 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

Service includes:

・Sculp clensing
・Head Bath
・Tokio Inkarami hair treatment
・Shampoo, drying, and styling



Salon: apish ginZa
Salon Location:

1 minute walk from Exit B7 of Tokyo Metro Ginza Station.

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Monday Closed
• Tuesdays 10:00-19:00
• Wednesdays 11:00-20:00
• Thursdays 11:00-19:00
• Fridays 11:00 -21:00
• Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 10:00 – 19:00

Additional charge for early morning 2,200JPY(including tax)/hour
Extension after closing time 2,200JPY(including tax)/hour


• English
• Japanese

Accepted Payments: Cash, Union Pay, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover

• Free Wi-Fi
• We have private rooms. It costs 500JPY every 30 minutes.

Customer Experience

In the middle of Tokyo, Ginza, there is a salon called Apish Ginza, whose black and white-themed room brings about a stylish atmosphere. They have provided a head spa for 20 years. The stylists are eager to meet your needs and sincerely provide the relaxing experience. Well-trained stylists and high quality treatment wait for you.

Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment with Head Bath

Tokio Inkarami treatment is composed of 5 different particles. The treatment is applied in order from small particles and the hair cuticle is repaired in order from the innermost. In addition,they proudly provide the treatment of Head Bath that not only makes your hair beautiful and healthy but also lets you relax both body and mind. It’s mandatory to participate in the seminar that is provided by the maker of the head bath and pass the course. Furthermore, there are several tests that are held in the salon to confirm the technique and service. Only those who clear the two high hurdles allow to touch customers’ heads and provide the head bath.

Attentive Consultation to Share Your Trouble

Model of the day, Tamaki, hopes to repair dryness and spread her bleached hair. In addition, both her mind and body are fatigued from her trip. After consultation, the stylist, Rina, recommends her with a scalp cleansing for dried scalp, Tokio 5 steps treatment which repair her hair trouble, and head bath that promotes the effect of the treatment and relaxes. The stylist also shares the images of the style the customer wants to be in the end. This time, they decided to go with curly hair.

To communicate as smoothly as possible, they prepare an English document of detailed explanation about the treatment.

Private Room, Healing music and Aroma Guide You to Relaxing Experience

The eye mask promotes blood circulation and soothes eye strain.
The salon prepares the private room that is moderately dark with healing music, aroma, heating chair and hair steaming. Following consultation, the stylist, Rina, begins with cleansing the scalp to sooth her itchy scalp and also do the scalp massage. Hair steaming opens the pores and increases the efficiency of cleansing that gets rid of the PM2.5, exhaust gas and pollen that can’t be cleaned by daily shampoo. Moreover, relieving the stiffness of the head and taking care of the scalp is essential to make your hair healthy.

Head Bath adjusts your autonomic nerves.
The bowl is put under the head and carbonated water falls down to your hairline. The stylist gets out of the room for five minutes to let you focus on the sound of the water and relax. Your whole head and neck are soaked in the carbonated water and that warms your body, improves blood circulation and increases metabolism. As a result, many customers fall asleep during the Head Spa. The flow of the water also cleans the dirt of the scalp and increases the penetration rate of Tokio treatment. It also repairs damage from the UV such as split hair and hair breakage.

Stylist Rina do the cuticle massage to penetrate the TOKIO treatment
After the Head Bath, TOKIO treatment is applied thoroughly. The treatment includes feather keratin that makes your hair healthy and silky. This treatment is effective for damaged hair, dried hair, frizzy hair and soft hair.

Style Your Revitalized Silky Hair

Stylist Rina provides a quick shoulder and head massage.
At this point, Tamaki gets out of the private room and is guided to the main room to get massage and cold spray to the scalp. This spray tightens the pores that are opened by the head bath and is also effective to odor of the scalp. The stylist chooses and applies the oil according to the type of your hair and blows your hair.

Model,Tamaki cannot repress touching her smooth hair
Her scalp becomes brighter and her hair gets soft,shiny and silky. Each one of her hair gets moistened and the smoothness and goodness of setting are incredibly increased.Moreover, her face seems to gain color and her eyes become more clear. The effect would last for three weeks or a month.

Arranging the hair with curling iron.
Following consultation, the stylist uses curling iron to approach the customer’s image.They prepare the gifts of shampoo that was originally made by the salon!

Who This Head Spa Package is Perfect For

After: Model Tamaki has a more feminine look with her shiny hair and soft wavy curls.
Are you considering this package? This head spa package, which can be completed in 1.5 hours, is recommended for those who have come to Tokyo to refresh themselves from daily stress. Reservations can be made by families, couples, or groups of friends. Why not start your perfect stay in Tokyo with Apish Ginza?


15,400 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

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