Our Story

Tokyo Beauty Stars was launched in the autumn of 2017, with the goal of introducing the world to the best Tokyo beauty trends, products, and services.

In 2014, a stylist at an industry event made the comment that hair salons shouldn’t get caught up in the excitement around the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “Tourists and visitors are only looking for great food, luxury hotels, and sightseeing spots,” they said, “not beauty services.”

The comment struck me because after twelve years in the beauty publishing industry, I knew that Japanese beauty services and hair stylists were some of the best in the world. I had worked with incredibly talented and exceptionally skilled stylists, and from my experience in the industry, I also knew how positively Japanese beauty services are perceived in other countries. This is not just due to Japan’s famous focus on hospitality, but also because Japanese stylists must hold a national license to cut hair. Stylists here are trained in creating very detailed work and their skills are considered the best in Asia. I felt that with the current influx of visitors to Tokyo, this city could easily become a beauty destination spot.

At the same time, with an oversaturation of hair salons in Tokyo, I was aware of the highly competitive nature of the market. Salons attempted to attract customers through heavily discounted prices, but they were still struggling. I wanted to find a viable way of addressing these issues that would help salons remain competitive.

In starting this project, I interviewed salons and friends from a variety of countries to test my idea. With stylists and international friends on board, Tokyo Beauty Stars was born. Our mission is two-fold: to bring the best of Japanese beauty culture to an international audience through collaborations with top salons in Tokyo, while also encouraging growth in the market through our projects.

In order to ensure that Tokyo Beauty Stars only provides services we can stand by, we have done extensive research in designing our beauty packages. With a team of international writers who understand Japan, both culturally and linguistically, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring you the best beauty services available in our amazing city. From looks for the gorgeously sexy to the stylishly sophisticated, Tokyo Beauty Stars offers a range of beauty packages and services that are unmatched in quality.

We welcome you to the world of Japanese beauty, and hope you find Tokyo Beauty Stars as exciting as we do!

Managing Director,
Eri Kimura