How does Tokyo Beauty Stars work?

Making an online reservation is easy. Follow the steps below to make your reservation:

  1. Select the beauty package or the service you’d like to reserve and enter in your ideal appointment dates and times into our booking form.
  2. You’ll get an email confirming that we’ve received your booking request.
  3. Tokyo Beauty Stars will arrange the appointment with the salon you have chosen, based on the times and dates you requested in the booking form.
  4. Tokyo Beauty Stars will send you an emailing confirming your appointment.
  5. Please verify this information and send us a confirmation email so we know that you’ve received your booking information and that you can make it to your appointment.

*Appointments with hair salons can be booked through the Tokyo Beauty Stars website free of charge, and up to 3 months in advance. Hair service quality and the final results of the treatments are the sole responsibilities of the salons. We only facilitate the reservation procedure.


How long will it take to arrange my appointment?

We try our utmost to get back to you within 36 hours of your booking. Please note that when salons are closed, extra time may be required to verify your appointment times.


How do I pay?

No advanced payments are required when making your reservation; you pay at the salon after your appointment. Most salons accept credit cards, but that is not always the case. If you wish to pay by credit card, please check whether your salon accepts them under the “Accepted Payments” section.


Are tips required?

No, there is no tipping in Japan. Everything is included in the bill, so all you have to do is pay and be on your way!


Are hair and nail salons tax-free in Japan? Am I able to ask for tax refund?

Beauty treatments are not subject to tax exemption. Because these are all invisible treatments and unlike physical goods such as bags, cosmetics, souvenirs etc, and are not considered “exportable”. The basic purpose of you visiting a beauty salon is to have “beauty treatments” such as a haircut, hair color, nails, facial massages and depilation and so on. You can read more info here: Japan’s Tax Exemption


How much does Tokyo Beauty Stars receive in commissions from customers?

We do not receive any commission fees from customers and booking a reservation is completely free. There are no hidden costs in any of our services.


Are they English-speaking salons?

Not all of our partner salons are able to speak English. You can check the ‘Language’ section on their salon page. All of these salons welcome international customers but are hard to book for non-Japanese speakers. Our English-speaking customer service representatives are happy to help our clients through the reservation process.


What are the advantages of booking through Tokyo Beauty Stars?

We work closely with our salons to offer you exclusive packages to make your appointment a better deal than if you were to book directly with the salon. Some salons offer discounts, others offer additional complimentary services.


Who will perform my services?

We understand that each person has a different hair and skin type that requires a certain set of skills and experience. At Tokyo Beauty Stars, we carefully select salons that have experience with various skin and hair types, and only their most experienced hairdressers and beauticians work with you.


Are there any special deals if I book with a friend?

That depends on the salon. If you have any questions regarding the fees of a particular salon, please ask us in the “Remarks” section when booking. Our staff will consult the salon on your behalf.


What if I re-book the same salon through Tokyo Beauty Stars?

We welcome back all of our guests, and will always provide the same conditions as your previous experiences at a salon booked through us., The special fees we offer will also remain the same.


Can I request a particular stylist?

Yes, of course! Please let us know in the “Remarks” section who you’d like to cut and style your hair.


How do I reschedule my appointment?

You can reschedule your appointment by cancelling the original reservation and, making a new appointment. Please email reservation@tokyobeautystars.jp concerning your cancellation. We will try to reschedule appointments if notification is made 48 hours prior to the appointment. We may not be able to help you with rescheduling requests made less than 48 hours prior to the original appointment.


Is there a penalty for canceling an appointment?

We kindly ask that customers try their best to avoid late cancellations and no shows as this negatively affects our business relationships with our selected salons. Cancellations that are made 48 hours in advance will not result in any penalties.  Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the appointment and no shows with no justifiable reason for the absence will result in a penalty of 100% of the service cost. In addition, failure to show up at the salon for an appointment without notice may result in customers being blocked from making future bookings with Tokyo Beauty Stars. However, if you must cancel your appointment, please email reservation@tokyobeautystars.jp.


What if I’m running late?

Please contact the salon directly. In the event that you are over 15 minutes late, the salon may not be able to perform all of the services requested, and reserves the right to cancel your appointment.


What types of salons does Tokyo Beauty Stars work with?

We only work with the best salons in Tokyo, and select salons based on their reputation and the skill of their stylists.


What is “omotenashi” and what kind of experience can I expect at Japanese salons?

“Omotenashi” is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, and it is a special kind of hospitality where we go above and beyond to make our guests feeling comfortable and pampered. At our salons you can expect to be treated with warmth and respect and, most importantly, we make sure you feel absolutely fabulous.


Why should I visit a Japanese beauty salon? Are Japanese stylists better than those in other countries?

In Japan, stylists are required to pass a rigorous training program and obtain a national license prior to styling hair at a salon. With an emphasis on detailed work, Japanese hairstylists are considered among the best in the world, and are particularly sought after in Asia. As one of the most fashionable cities in the world, Tokyo boasts the best of the best. Stylists in Tokyo can recommend cuts and colors that will perfectly match a customer’s face and express their own unique fashion identity.


What if I’m not happy with my haircut?

Please speak with the salon directly regarding your concerns. As Tokyo Beauty Stars only provides online booking services, we are not liable for any services rendered by any of the salons that we work with.