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Top 10 International Friendly English-speaking Hair Salons in Tokyo

Ever spent a lot of money on a hair salon with rave reviews only to have the stylist completely misunderstood […]

Curly Girls in Japan – Daily Routines and Curl Care Tips for Natural Curls

You’ve moved to Japan, but how do you care for your curls now you’re in a whole new climate? With […]

How Much Does a Haircut Really Cost at a Japanese Hair Salon?

Which Japanese hair salon do you go to? I go to one in Aoyama. It’s new, small and cozy. The […]

Why Affordable Japanese Hair Salons Are Never Cheap

Ever Googled “cheap hair salons in Tokyo”? Felt slightly embarrassed after? No shame here, this is very understandable especially if […]

Tokyo Beauty Stars September Promotions

Hello Tokyo Beauty Stars Readers, We provide free reservations for quality beauty services in English at the top hair salons […]

Why Would Cosmetic Ingredients Absorb into Your Skin Even When Bath Water Doesn’t?

Hello everyone, this is Eri,  Japan Immune and Beauty Association skin care program certificate holder.  In our previous newsletter, we […]

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