Why Would Cosmetic Ingredients Absorb into Your Skin Even When Bath Water Doesn’t?

Written by TBS beauty writer
September 1st, 2019

Hello everyone, this is Eri,  Japan Immune and Beauty Association skin care program certificate holder. 

In our previous newsletter, we gave you some basic skin care tips and talked about how overdoing your skincare routine can actually be damaging for your skin.

The two main things we’d like to get across to our readers in this skin care blog series are:

・Don’t smoother your skin with unnecessary products.
・Ingredients in skin care products do not easily penetrate the skin.

Regarding the latter, our skin barrier is in fact very strong and is not easily penetrable by active cosmetic ingredients. If moisture can be easily absorbed into the skin, bath water will penetrate your skin when you enter a bath, causing it to blister. 

No matter how much of that expensive skin lotion you put on every night, it just stays on the surface of your skin. Cosmetic ingredients can actually penetrate only 0.2mm into the skin stratum corneum.

So How Do Cosmetic Ingredients Enter the Skin When Water Cannot?

Strong active ingredients in skincare products break down the skin barrier, allowing ingredients to absorb into the skin – this is why some people suffer allergies or rashes after using certain products!

The point we’re trying to make, however, is that your skin contains the power to naturally cleanse itself.

Therefore, skin nutrition comes from the inside out, namely, eating a daily balanced diet.
This makes superficial care, such as lotions and serums, all but temporary moisture.

While some degree of moisturizing is required during dry winter weather, excessive daily care is counterproductive to skin beauty and health.

Tried everything out there but still dealing with bad skin? Putting aside conventional beliefs on skin care and educating yourself on “skin immunity” can be the first steps to acquiring effortlessly beautiful skin.

Know Any Friends with Clear, Gorgeous Skin?

If you ask them about their skincare routine, they’d most likely respond with, “I’m not really doing anything special”.

And although we’re programmed to think otherwise, they are most probably telling the truth. The reason behind beautiful skin without the meticulous skincare routine is all down to your skin’s immune system.

When your body’s immune system is weakened, you are more likely to get infected with a virus or catch a cold. Likewise, weakened skin immunity is a lot more susceptible to problems such as breakouts and sensitive skin.

At TBS, we place a strong focus on skincare that enhances skin immunity. And with over half of the stratum corneumor outer layer of our skin consisting of amino-acids, it’s no surprise that we highly recommend skincare routines that involve amino-acid based ingredients. This is as amino-acid-based skincare not only boost your skin’s immune system, but their similar molecular makeup enables gentle and natural hydration.

Why Not Give It a Try?

Facial cleansing is the most effective way to have beautiful skin, even more than any other skin care.

Arginine is one of most important amino acid present. We focus on skin's immune system for skin health. Our products treat root-cause of your skin problems.

Immunity beauty promises to relieve you of your present and persistent skincare woes!