Salon Renjishi package - Add Volume and Shine to Lifeless and Thin Hair

Add Volume and Shine to Lifeless and Thin Hair!

Limp, thin hair not only looks bad but is also incredibly aging. Visit Renjishi salon for a professional solution that will turn back time!

Salon Price 8,640 JPY
TBS Price 6,480 JPY
Tax and tip included

Service includes:

・Head Spa (Massage with vegetable-based scalp treatment)
・Shampoo (with vegetable-based shampoo), Drying, and Styling
・Shoulder Massage​


1 hour

Renjishi Salon, Tokyo
Salon Location:

6-minute walk from Omotesando Station (Metro Ginza Line, Metro Hanzomon Line, Metro Chiyoda Line)

Opening Hours:

• Mondays 10:30 – 20:00 (Please check-in by 19:00)
• Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 10:30 – 21:00 (Please check-in by 20:00)
• Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays 10:00 – 19:00 (Please check-in by 18:00)
* Closed on every Tuesdays and 3rd Monday of the month.


• English (Intermediate)
• Japanese (Fluent)

Accepted Payments: Cash, VISA, MasterCard

・Free Wi-Fi
・Private room (1,080 yen per hour)

Limp, thin hair not only looks bad but is also incredibly aging. Luckily, the stylists at Renjishi salon are ready to save us with the ultimate anti-aging approach to hair care. Here are all the deets on Renjishi’s highly demanded volumizing haircuts and hair treatments. Say goodbye to thin hair and hello to youth!

Haircut and Vegetable-based Head Spa Package

Just a stone’s throw from the main crossing of Omotesando, you’ll find Renjishi Salon’s Aoyama location. The salon, which takes up the whole B1 floor of the Earl Minami Aoyama Building, is pleasantly bright and airy with a white color palette and modern decor that reflects the trendy location.

Renjishi takes pride in their highly trained staff, some of whom have worked internationally, who can assess each client’s hair type and needs to propose the appropriate haircut and hair care. Their goal is to create a hairstyle that is ‘you’.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Salon Renjishi package - Picture 1 - The model before the service with her flat thin hair
Our model, Claire, hopes to address her thin hair and flat roots

When the model arrived, the stylists quickly showed her to a chair to begin the consultation. She said that her hair was very flat and she wanted to add volume. After listening to her concerns and checking her hair, English-speaking stylist Kai suggested a haircut that avoids excessive thinning along with an organic scalp treatment to clarify and add volume to the roots. This type of hair care would bring life back to her color-treated hair and create natural volume and shine.

An Anti-Aging Haircut

Salon Renjishi package - Picture 2 - The model before the service with her flat thin hair
On clean, wet hair, stylist Kai begins the haircut

Once the model’s hair was cleaned of any dirt and product, Kai brushed it out and went to work. In order to maximize volume, he added layers around her face and cleaned up her ends everywhere else. No thinning meant her haircut would use her hair’s natural volume for a long-term anti-aging effect.

A Volumizing Hair Treatment

Salon Renjishi package - Picture 3 - Volumize thin hair with natural oil treatment
After the cut, the stylist applies a natural oil treatment to volumize hair

After he finished with her haircut, Kai brought the model back to the sink to wash and treat her hair. First up was an oil treatment. Renjishi salon uses Viege, a natural, vegetable-based hair care line. Kai chose the ‘vital’ supplement, a ginger-based hair oil to bring shine and life back to dull hair. He then wrapped her hair in a warm, essential oil-infused towel to allow the product to sink in.

Salon Renjishi package - Picture 4 - Japanese anti-aging scalp treatment
The stylist uses Viege Base Suppli scalp treatment for anti-aging
Salon Renjishi package - Picture 5 - Japanese head massage
Model Claire relaxes while stylist Kai gives her a head massage

From there, Kai applied the Viege Base Suppli scalp treatment to the model’s roots. He began a to massage her head, slowly working the products in and stimulating blood flow to her
scalp. Once everything was well absorbed, it was time to return to the stylist’s chair to finish up.

Healthy and Voluminous Hair

Salon Renjishi package - Picture 6 - shoulder massage
Back at the chair, the model is in pure bliss while receiving a shoulder massage

Before drying and styling the model’s hair, Kai continued the spa therapy with a shoulder massage. Only after the model was completely relaxed was it time to dry and style. Stylist and colleague Mari stepped in at this point. The model’s hair was blow dried and flat ironed with special attention paid to her roots. Her hair was finished and was noticeably bouncier and shinier than when she arrived. The model was glowing.

Salon Renjishi package - Picture 7 - Beautiful hair styling
Everyone is all smiles while stylist Mari finishes model Claire’s hair

When asked about the experience, the model enthusiastically shared how relaxing and enjoyable her treatment was. She thought her hair looked great, and she was ready to take on the world.

Who This Package is Perfect For

Salon Renjishi package - Picture 8 - After image with beautiful voluminous shiny hair
Model Claire is ecstatic about her voluminous and shiny hair

Considering this package? The haircut and natural head spa package is perfect for those with dull, thin hair or mature, aging hair looking to add volume and life. Using vegetable-based products, this package is great if you have damaged hair and are looking to restore the health of your scalp. Book with a Renjishi stylist today!


6,480 JPY
Tax and tip included

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