SOZO Hair Salon in Harajuku

Omotesando, where SOZO is located, is famous for being not only the most fashionable but also the most competitive within Japan’s hairdressing industry. The area is full of talented stylists who can solve even the most serious of hair troubles. Among these salons, SOZO is well-known for having all kinds of customers, including customers from foreign countries, especially because we can serve them in English. We have stylists with experience working in salons abroad, such as in the U.K. and the U.S. Another significant point is that we prepare various products for customers with sensitive and non-Asian hair conditions.
Salon: SOZO
Salon Location:

8-minute walk from Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote Line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Weekdays 11:00 – 21:00

• Weekends and National holidays – 10am-8pm
* Closed Tuesdays


• English
• Japanese

Accepted Payments: Cash, Union Pay, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners

Free Wi-Fi

SOZO Hair Salon, Tokyo
SOZO Hair Salon, Tokyo
SOZO Hair Salon, Tokyo



After receiving his diploma from Sassoon Academy London in 1997, he started off his career at a salon in London In 1999, he moved to the US and obtained the Top Stylist qualification and became a Salon Manager in New York. Following his return to Japan in 2009, he finally established SOZO alongside his business partner TAA while working as a Salon Manager at a salon in Omotesando. He specializes in elegant and stylish bob cuts but is also excellent at natural/mode styles.


After receiving the diploma from Sassoon Academy London, he set out took his first steps of his hairdresser journey at a salon in London. After years of dedicated service at a salon in Omotesando, Japan, he established SOZO alongside KEIZO. He pursues his passion for natural, effortless styles, no matter the original hair texture, volume, or length. He also does hair styles for men.



After graduating from University, he received a hairdressing certificate from a Japanese hairdressing school and obtained a national Cosmetology License. He has also completed the diploma course at Sassoon Academy London, and polished his technique for two years a London-based salon. He is competent at effortless chic styles, from long to short, creating and adjusting the base first to ensure it is well-shaped.


He specializes in Japanese hair straightening technique that keeps the hair bouncy while creating a smooth straight hair, and a haircut that is precisely detailed and easy to maintain. He will provide total hair support from suggesting a new hairstyle to maintaining and caring for your hair at home.



Hair Repair System FLOWDIA

Flowdia is an innovative hair repair system that works selectively only on the damaged part of the hair. Unlike other treatment products that create an unnaturally heavy and oily texture, Flowdia treatment creates smooth, lightweight, and manageable hair with natural texture from root to the tip. Flowdia Shampoo is formulated to treat the mixed condition of the hair, which is oily on the roots and dry at the ends. It cleans hair and scalp without stripping away natural oils to produce healthy lustrous hair with natural texture.

Read more about FLOWDIA (Japanese language only).


Flowdia - an innovative hair repair system