Enjoy an Hour of Luxury: Ayurveda Head Spa or Cream Bath in Tokyo

Relax and rejuvenate under the skilled hands of Japan’s biggest beauty group’s top head spa therapist.

Salon Price 15,070 JPY
TBS Price 13,563 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

Service includes:

・Ayurveda Head Spa 75 Minutes OR Cream Bath 75 Minutes with Hand Massage
・Shampoo, drying and styling


2 hours

Jacques Moisant Paris Hair & Spa Salon Ginza
Salon: Jacques Moisant Paris Hair & Spa
Salon Location:

1 minute walk from Ginza station (Marunouchi Line, Ginza Line, Hibiya Line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Monday to Friday 11:00 – 20:00
• Saturday 10:00 – 19:00
• Sunday 10:00 – 18:00
* Closed Tuesdays


• Japanese

Accepted Payments: Cash, VISA, Diners

• Private room
• Semi-compartment

Boasting a team of talented head spa and head therapy specialists trained in aroma therapy and hair care consultation, prepare to indulge in a one of a kind head spa experience at Jacques Moisant Ginza, with your choice of beauty package: rejuvenate with a healing Ayurveda Head Spa or unwind with a deluxe Cream Bath and Hand Massage.


Making the Acquaintance of a Master Head Spa Therapist

From the artistic air of Rude de Seine, Paris to glitz and glam Ginza, Tokyo, Jacques Moisant Ginza’s highly reviewed relaxation menu selection combines classic Parisienne beauty techniques with Japanese-quality scalp and shampoo methods. Introducing the star of the hour, head therapist Mami Kaneko. With a gentle smile, calming demeanor and quiet poise, Mami is not just lead head spa trainer at Japan’s industry-leading SOCIE group, but is considered to possess the best technique in the entire full beauty business – making her arguably Tokyo’s number one head spa therapist.

Rejuvenate with a Healing Ayurveda Head Spa

First up for some pampering is our photographer Laia, who will be trying the salon’s runner up Ayurveda Head Spa service, a favorite among their gentleman clients. It begins with an ancient Indian Ayurveda skin consultation, establishing our staff’s skin type as water-based, dark, and oily with large pores. Aside from very oily skin, Laia, an anxiety survivor, also suffers from extremely stiff scalp – much more so than normal.

An Eye-Opening, Body-Revitalizing Head Spa

The Ayurveda head spa experience begins as Mami coats her hands with massage cream and Laia’s choice of freshly-scented orange aroma oil, wafting the fragrance over Laia’s body, before pressing down firmly onto the front of her shoulders. She then pours a small jug of warm, antioxidant-rich mixture of sesame oil and aroma along our staff’s tense hairline. The massage commences as Mami runs her fingers through Laia’s hair, pulling taut select strands of hair to stimulate scalp pores, as the sound of soft jazz plays in the background. Moving on, she begins kneading our staff’s rigid ears from lobe to helix, firmly pressing and holding on each section to improve circulation and toxins release.

Experiencing a Truly Restorative Neck Massage

After zipping up Laia’s hair for the hydrating steam treatment, Mami works her magic onto our staff’s problem areas, massaging her shoulder and upper chest in circular motions, and moving up to knead the back of her neck. She informs us on the delicacy of the neck area, explaining how tightness and soreness in the neck can be reflected down the entire body. Her words are proven true when Laia announces her back pain has melted away under Mami’s refined technique, and she will not be needing today’s weekly physiotherapist appointment!

Dry, Frizzy Hair Transformed to Silky, Smooth Locks

A creamy shampoo massage ensues, coupled with a heavy cream treatment to restore Laia’s damaged, bleached hair, with ample layers of towels used throughout the process to ensure not a drop of stray water escapes down her back. The head spa session ends with an invigorating tapotement shoulder massage, following which Salon Manager Miki Takeuchi expertly styles Laia’s naturally wavy hair into sleek, soft locks.

Unwind with a Deluxe Cream Bath and Hand Massage

Highest in demand of their relaxation menu services, the cream bath and hand massage package begins with a consultation session where Mami analyzes our writer Lydia’s scalp in a few well-placed touches. The verdict? Dry, stiff, and inflamed. Our writer suffers from occasional dandruff due to dryness, and scalp stiffness due to eye strain from excess screen time (she is also a data analyst intern), poor circulation, and slow metabolism.

An Aromatic, Stress Relieving Scalp Hydration Session

Lydia is then presented with a select variety of essential oils, and, following a brief sampling, opts to go with Mami’s recommended mix of bergamot and ylang ylang, tailored to ease inflammation and improve sebum production. A fragrant drop from each is added into warm rinse water for a very aromatic shampoo massage.

massage shampoo

With cleansed hair and scalp, the cream bath session ensues as Mami generously coats Lydia’s hair with a thick mixture of hair cream bath and essential oils. Slowly, Mami massages in the cream bath – which contains anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and pore cleansing properties – applying waterfall-esque movements and bottom-up strokes reaching from the nape. The tingling sensation experienced indicates the massage’s effectiveness, as Lydia feels sections of her scalp instantly relaxing after Mami’s touch. Hot towels are used throughout the entire experience for maximum relaxation and improved circulation.

head massage

From Tensed Scalp and Dull Hair to Relaxed Radiance

Up next is the hair steam treatment, opening up hair follicles and scalp pores to fully absorb the cream’s nutrients for optimum moisture and shine. Mami wastes no time massaging Lydia’s hands, noting stiff forearms from smartphone and computer use, and loosening the palms and finger joints with circular motions.


Once again, the session comes to a close with a final tapotement shoulder massage, blow dry, and natural styling. With that, our staff emerges from the salon chair with a freshly nourished scalp, head of glossy hair, and a thoroughly relaxed state of mind.

The entire experience ends on a fragrant note as the two ladies gush about the new shine in their hair and the blissful “gone to massage heaven and back” encounter, over a cup of Manuka Honey and Ginger herbal tea.

Stressed? Exhausted? Or suffering from back pain? Come experience transformative healing and total relaxation with Jacques Moisant Ginza’s team of exceptionally talented therapists! You’ll leave their premises a completely refreshed wo(man).


13,563 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

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