Don’t Miss These Unique Japanese Beauty Experiences

Written by Tokyo Beauty Stars Editors
November 9th, 2018

The Japanese know how to do hair. Straight hair is silky and frizz-free. Wavy hair features hydrated, perfect ripples. And everyone has a  haircut that highlights their face shape perfectly. So, what’s the secret? Innovative techniques invented in Japanese salons! So, if you want gorgeous hair, then consider getting your hair done in Tokyo. In this post, I’m sharing three must-try Japanese beauty experiences that’ll transform your hair!

Dry Haircutting Techniques

I get it—trusting a stranger with your hairstyle is difficult. Especially when you’ve heard, seen, or maybe even experienced first-hand a haircut gone wrong. I didn’t get a haircut for the first few years while living in Japan. But once I did, I knew I’d never go anywhere else. My guy knows my hair better than me.

One of the key differences of a haircut in Japan is a special technique called dry-cutting. Dry-cutting is when the hairstylist cuts your hair while it’s dry. Unlike haircuts in other countries, where hair is usually cut wet, dry-cutting allows the stylist to see how the hair naturally lays. This means no odd cowlicks, no random hairs sticking out from your head—just a haircut that suits you.

A good dry cut does more than just complement your face shape, it addresses your hair type and lifestyle. By dry-cutting, the stylist can make changes to your cut quickly depending on how the hair is falling after each snip. And because your hair is cut in its most natural state, it will look good even if you don’t do a full blowout in the morning.

Japanese Hair Straightening

Move over Brazilian blowout! In a city that has extremely humid summers, it can be surprising that Tokyoites seem to have effortlessly tamed the frizz. And Japanese hair straightening is probably the biggest secret behind it all. Japanese hair straightening is a long-lasting process to achieving a silky smooth mane.

Also known as thermal reconditioning, Japanese hair straightening works by applying a chemical solution to your hair. The solution works with the heat from a hair straightener to break down the bonds in the hair that give your hair its shape. While the process takes a few hours, you’re left with shiny, silky, straight hair.

Because it’s a chemical process, you need to discuss with the stylist about any previous hair treatments. Japanese hair straightening is great if you like the straight hair look and want to streamline your morning routine. After getting the treatment, you are left with easy-to-style locks. You don’t even need to blow dry your hair!

Japanese Digital Perms

The days of the sad, frizzy perm are gone. And what was once thought of as a style disaster from the 80s is now a beauty secret used by Japanese women throughout Shibuya and Omotesando. But it’s not the same perm your mom had. Today’s perm is more elegant, more romantic. Today’s perm is the Japanese digital perm.

Digital perms are what’s known as hot perms. Like Japanese hair straightening, digital perms use a chemical solution and heat (in this case, via temperature-regulated heating rods) to break the bonds and thermally recondition the hair. Similarly, the process takes a few hours, but you’re left with beautiful, picture-perfect locks.

Digital perms create looser, more natural waves than perms of decades-past. And the perm is lower maintenance, too, with no need for curl creams or gels. After washing, just towel off the excess water, twist, and let air dry. With hair this flawless, you’ll feel like you’re starring in your own J-drama.

Salon ANTI package - Picture 6 - the Cutting-Edge Japanese air wave Perm machine

The Best Japanese Hair Salon Experience

While visiting Japan, a trip to the salon will transform your hair. Whether you opt for a Japanese straight perm, a digital perm, or a dry cut, these unique Japanese beauty experiences will leave you looking and feeling refreshed. Take a look at our selection of hairstyling packages and book your appointment today!