Get Natural-Looking Waves with Japanese Air Wave Perm

Looking for a manageable and trendy fashionista hairstyle in Tokyo? Try the innovative, patent-pending perm at ANTI Salon for soft curls that are easy to style!

Salon Price 25,920 JPY
TBS Price 23,760 JPY
tax included

Service includes:

・Salon’s original air wave perm (patent pending)
・Shampoo with salon’s original hair repair essence
・Drying and styling
・Styling tutorial
・Quick Shoulder Massage

All performed by Director, IKE himself.

*If you have ever had your hair bleached, highlighted, dyed, digitally permed, or chemically straightened, please make sure to notify us in the “Remark” area when you book this service.


3 hours

Salon ANTI in Omotesando Tokyo
Salon: ANTI
Salon Location:

3-minute walk from Omotesando Station (Metro Ginza Line, Metro Hanzomon Line, Metro Chiyoda Line)

Opening Hours:

• Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 11:00 – 21:00
• Fridays 13:00 – 22:00
• Saturdays 10:00 – 20:00
• Sundays and Holidays 10:00 – 19:00

*Closed on Tuesdays


• English (Basic)
• Korean (Intermediate)
• Japanese (Fluent)

Accepted Payments: Cash, Union Pay (銀聯), VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners

・Free Wi-Fi
・Private room

Walking around Tokyo, you may think girls here are born with perfect hair. But in reality, Japanese women have the same hair frustrations as everyone else. So what’s their secret? Perms! "Cold perms" are what you normally think of, but there’s a better solution for your hair’s health. Instead, try a Japanese air wave perm. ANTI Salon has created new, patent-pending air wave perm technology that gives you silky soft, natural-looking waves. Here’s the low-down:

Revolutionary ‘Space Craft’ Perm for Healthy, Easy-to-Manage Curls

Ready for picture-perfect, easy-to-maintain curls? Then head over to ANTI Salon. ANTI Salon is located just a few minutes-walk from Omotesando Station, past the iconic Prada flagship store in a contemporary, concrete build. Up the steps on the second floor, this cool salon has a wall of windows that look out on passers-by.

ANTI Salon is owned by master stylist Toshiyuki Komatsu. Known as a wave magician in the Japanese hair scene, Komatsu’s work can be seen on TV, in advertisements, in magazines, and at beauty shows. He opened ANTI Salon in 1995, where he and his staff work on Japan’s fashionistas and create revolutionary techniques.

Something Easy to Style

Salon ANTI package - Picture 1 - Hair before the Japanese air wave perm
Before: Our model, Stephanie, hopes the Japanese air wave perm will give a fresh look
Salon ANTI package - Picture 2 - consultation with Director Stylist IKE
Model Stephanie shares her concerns and treatment history with Director IKE

The model arrived early to her appointment, and Director IKE quickly brought her to a seat. They chatted as he helped her get settled. Once she was relaxed, IKE began to examine her hair. It was color-treated and had a slight movement to it. The model explained that she wanted wavy hair but didn’t have a lot of time in the morning to style it. IKE proposed ANTI Salon’s original KPM Premium Air Wave Perm. He said this healthy perm technique would be gentle on her damaged hair and give her natural-looking waves that are easy to style.

A Haircut and Treatment

Salon ANTI package - Picture 3 - haircut by Director Stylist IKE
Director IKE preps the model’s hair for the perm with a haircut

Then the assistants took the model to wash her hair. After a few minutes, she returned to her chair with clean, wet hair. Ike brushed her hair and began to cut away any split ends. He then dried her hair and finished with a dry cut technique, creating face-framing layers that would later emphasize the perm. After the cut, IKE applied a repair treatment on the damaged sections of the model’s hair and applied heat to help with absorption. Her hair was ready.

The Japanese Air Wave Perm

Salon ANTI package - Picture 4 - stylists applying the perm solution on the hair
The stylists work quickly to apply the perm solution on the hair

IKE began to apply the perm solution. With the help of his assistant, Mayu, he worked quickly and precisely to distribute the chemicals onto sections of the model’s hair and twist them around rollers before the chemicals started to react.

Salon ANTI package - Picture 5 - perfect hair rolls for big and soft waves
The solution is applied, and everyone is excited for the perm

IKE then connected the model’s hair to a space craft-like machine. Different from previous machines, this one uses air to help set the curls. Depending on hair type, the process would take 15 minutes to an hour attached to this device.

Salon ANTI package - Picture 6 - the Cutting-Edge Japanese air wave Perm machine
Model Stephanie surfs the web while her hair sets in a space craft-like device

After about 50 minutes, IKE checked the model’s hair before the the assistants washed it. This step, he explained, keeps the hair from getting too hot and damaged. He then reconnected her hair to the machine one last time for 10 minutes.

Wavy Hair that’s Easy to Style

Salon ANTI package - Picture 7 - the beautiful natural looking waves after the air wave perm
The stylists wash and dry the model’s hair to reveal easy, soft, and curly hairstyle

They washed the chemicals out. Wet, the model’s hair hung with a little more than a wave. The wave becomes more defined once dried, IKE said. He and Mayu then began to dry the model’s hair, and sure enough, big and soft waves began to appear. IKE then showed the model how this hairstyle was easy to maintain. She would be able to achieve natural-looking waves every day thanks to this easy-to-maintain hairstyle.

When asked about the results, the model was impressed by how soft and healthy her hair was. She felt pretty with her new, curly hairstyle and was excited to recreate her new look at home.

Who This Package is Perfect For

Salon ANTI package - Picture 8 - Beautiful, easy to maintain hairstyle with big and soft waves
After: Model Stephanie has beachy waves that are easy to maintain

Considering this package? ANTI Salon’s KPM Premium Japanese Air Wave Perm is perfect for all hair types, particularly those looking for volume and lift and natural-looking waves. This state-of-the-art perm will also be a favorite for anyone with chemically hair or those interested in a healthy perm with minimal damage. For wavy hair that’s easy to style, book with an ANTI stylist today!

23,760 JPY
tax included

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