The Latest Japanese Hair Straightening and Smoothing Treatment in Tokyo

With Straight-Cure, enjoy undamaged, natural-looking straight hair treatment and the freedom of hairstyle change.

Salon Price 14,300 JPY
TBS Price 12,100 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

Service includes:

・Japanese straightening hair treatment ‘Straight-Cure’
・Shampoo and blow-dry


This straightening hair treatment cannot be performed if you have serious hair damage, kinky hair, or have had hair straightening in the past.

Extra Charges:
For longer hair, additional charges will be applied for extra product use.
Long hair +¥1,100/Extra Long +¥2,200

1.5 hours

HOPE Hair Salon, Shibuya, Tokyo
Salon: HOPE
Salon Location:

10 minutes walk from Shibuya station (JR Yamanonte Line, JR Shounan Shinjuku Line, JR Saikyo Line, Keio Inokashira Line, Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line, Toyoko Line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Monday to Friday 10:00 – 21:00
• Weekends and Japanese National Holidays 10:00 – 20:00
*Closed on Wednesdays


• English
• Japanese

Accepted Payments: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express

• Free Wi-Fi
• iPads are available to watch Netflix or to read fashion magazines

If you’ve always dreamed of naturally smooth straight hair and controlled volume without the frizz, the newest Japanese hair straightening treatment Straight-Cure is made for you. This treatment is similar to keratin treatment but performed faster and the effect lasts for 2 months. Using a much lower concentration of chemicals compared to traditional Japanese straight perms, Straight-Cure does not only straighten out your hair with minimal damage, but also improves texture and controls fizziness – leaving your hair smooth and shiny with the freedom to continue exploring hairstyles.

“I can’t believe how quick the treatment was! My hair normally takes hours to be done with a traditional Japanese straightening perm. My hair now looks shiny, straight and so soft. I am very satisfied!” declares our model Annie at the end of her Straight-Cure hair treatment session at Hope Salon in Shibuya.

The Natural Straight Hair You Have Always Dreamed Of

In Tokyo, only a few salons offer the natural permanent Straight-Cure service and Hope hair salon is one of them. Owners Koki and Yuta propose to their clients the latest and much quicker Japanese straightening technique on the market: Straight – Cure, an innovative method combining Japanese straight perm and hair treatment leaving your hair smoothly straight without damages.

At Hope Salon, the appointment always starts with a consultation where we learn our model Annie hasn’t been to the hairdresser for the past six months. Her hair is damaged and frizzy inside out.

HOPE Hair Salon, Shibuya, Tokyo, English-speaking

Annie’s thick and naturally wavy hair type is difficult to maintain and full of volume,a tough situation in Japan where humidity reaches 100%. This is why she decided to go for the Japanese Straight-Cure treatment experience, as the natural perm will leave her hair straight and smooth without diminishing hair quality.

HOPE Hair Salon, Shibuya, Tokyo, English-speaking

After assessing her hair condition and before starting the straightening process, Hope owner’s Koki suggests Annie cut away part of her damaged hair. While it is sometimes difficult for clients to agree to have their hair cut, Annie decides to trust her top hairstylist and chop off all the damaged hair. Her hair will be much shorter but also much healthier.

Japanese haircut, Tokyo hair salonYou can add haircut + ¥6,000 + tax

Annie’s hair session starts with a big chop and a shampoo given by Hope’s top hairdresser Koki. At the same time Yuta, Hope’s English-speaking owner prepares the Straight-Cure treatment by mixing one packet of Straight-Cure and one packet of hair treatment.

HOPE Hair Salon, Shibuya, Tokyo, English-speaking

The Straight-Cure treatment is applied methodically on our model’s head. Koki and Yuta separate Annie’s hair into very small parts and apply the product with a brush, a thorough application to ensure a flawless result.

The Straight-Cure technique is composed of two main steps. First, hairstylists use the hot hair iron set at a low temperature to compress the premium protein treatment into the hair. Once all hair is straightened, a CMC (cell membrane complex) treatment cream is then applied to seal the hair’s new straight consistency. This ensures a straight and smooth texture.


In order to protect Annie’s hair from damages, the treatment is left in to absorb into our model’s hair while hairstylists ready the hair iron for the straightening process. The temperature is set to 100°C, a very low temperature compared to the standard 160-220°C. To avoid damaging Annie’s hair, Hope’s hairstylists place special plastic protection over each side of the iron plate. They then proceed to straighten our model’s hair, section by section.

Straight-Cure Or Traditional Japanese Straightening Method, What Is The Difference?

Until a few years ago, traditional permanent Japanese straightening method was very popular. However, the technique requires much time, uses a lot of chemicals that damages hair, and considerably reduces hair volume. What’s more, it doesn’t allow customers to try out other hairstyles – such as bleached highlights, Balayage and digital perm – as the strong chemical reactions required are not compatible with the traditional perm.

Straight-Cure is a revolution in the Japanese hair straightening area. With a built-in anti- damage treatment, Straight-cure straightens frizzy hair but doesn’t damage them like a traditional Japanese straight perm. Compared to a traditional Japanese straightening perm, Straight-Cure lasts about two months, allowing you to change your hairstyle and enjoy other hair styling technique such as Balayage and digital perm at any time.

Straight- Cure controls your hair fizziness and volume but does not flatten your hair. With the hot hair iron set at low temperature, this technique guarantees almost no damage, making your hair naturally straight, soft, shiny and easy to maintain at home. Just pat dry your hair with a towel after washing and you are ready to go!

Final Touches

To conclude the hair styling session, Hope’s owner Koki evens out Annie’s hairs into straight, sleek lines before styling our model’s hair with a traditional blow dry using a round brush to add hair volume and shine. To supplement her new hairstyle, Annie puts on a blue velvet jumpsuit and poses for our photographer! 

If you are dreaming of straight hair without the damage, and controlled volume without the long-term commitment, then Straight-Cure is made for you. At Hope hair salon, this in-vogue semi-permanent technique will allow you to say sayonara to your unwanted frizz in as little as only one hour!


12,100 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

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