Salon Nepenji package - World-Renowned Cutting, Dyeing, and Styling Technique for Curly Hair

Naturally Curly – Meet the Best Curly Hair Stylists in Tokyo

Struggling with your natural curls in a land of straight hair? Let the curly hair specialists at Nepenji help you fall in love with your hair again.

Salon Price 17,600 JPY
TBS Price 16,000 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

Service includes:

・Full color
・Detox shampoo
・Hair Conditioner
・Drying and styling


*They also have a branch in Omotesando and this package is available at Unsarto salon

Extra Charges:
For longer hair, additional charges will be applied for extra product use.
Long hair +¥1,100/Detangle +¥2,200

3 hours

Salon: Nepenji HANARE
Salon Location:

7-minute walk from Ebisu Station (JR Yamanote Line, Metro Hibiya Line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Mondays 11:00 – 20:00
• Wednesdays 10:00 – 20:00
• Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 11:00 – 20:00
• Sundays and National holidays 10:00 – 20:00
* Closed on Tuesdays and the 2nd and 3rd Monday of the month


• English
• Japanese

Accepted Payments: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners

Free Wi-Fi

A Curly Hair Salon in Tokyo?

Salon Nepenji package - Picture 1 - model with curly frizzy hair before the haircut and hair treatment.
Our model’s consultation: her Corkicelli curls are ready for some definition!

Our model Nicole has been living in Japan for a number of years now, and as a result, she has struggled to find stylists that could handle cutting her hair or products that accentuated her natural curls. After learning about the curly hair specialists at Nepenji, however, it’s doubtful that she’ll ever struggle again. Besides getting a cut to shape up her curls, the stylists also recommended some highlights and lowlights to add a three-dimensional effect.

Specialized Cutting Technique for Curly Hair

Salon Nepenji package - Picture 2 - man haircut with outstanding scissors skill
Some curls are already springing to life!

Even in countries where many people have curly hair, it can be hard to find a specialist. And yet, here we find a fluent English-speaking, Devachan-experienced salon in Tokyo! The staff has also been trained to cut and style curly hair, leaving the hair dry and cutting each individual curl from the bottom up. Doing this means that the hair is being cut at its most natural state, making the curls look more defined than if they were wet and brushed out first. It takes a little more time, but each curl gets the care it deserves.

What Does 3D Color Look Like on Curly Hair?

Salon Nepenji package - Picture 3 - 3D color on curly hair
So precise! The individual attention to each curl ensures a beautiful result.

Just like with the cutting technique, the dyeing technique for curly hair leaves the hair dry and applies color to individual curls. Because Nicole’s hair is thin, the stylists used paper instead of foil on the applied color. This ensures that her hair isn’t damaged by the process. The highlights and lowlights are carefully applied in order to create a more defined look.

Styling Can Make or Break Your Curls

Salon Nepenji package - Picture 4 - drying curly hair using special hair diffusers to help the curls keep their shape.
Diffusers are hard to come by in Japan! But Nepenji knows how vital they are for curly hair.

After using DevaCurl’s line of non or low-lathering cleansers that clean and condition without stripping the hair of much-needed natural oils and conditioning with a relaxing head and shoulder massage, Nicole was ready to be expertly styled. Applying some DevaCurl styling products, the stylists used pins to lift roots of the hair away from the scalp, creating volume. They then used a diffuser to carefully dry her curls without breaking them apart while also using a humidifier to help the curls keep their shape.

Salon Nepenji package - Picture 5 - beautiful haircut and 3D hair color for natural curly hair
Her smile says it all; her curls are absolutely gorgeous!

Each curl is beautifully defined while the highlights and lowlights work together to add definition. Nicole was ecstatic to see her curls looking this good, especially after struggling in a land of curly hair for so long.

What About Straight Hair?

Salon Nepenji package - Picture 6 - the model wants a fun and beautiful haircut and new hair color
Our model consults with the hair colorist about what kind of cut and color she’d like.

Our next model Nailah has thick, straight hair and wanted a fun and beautiful haircut and new color. She hoped to get her hair dyed to her desired color without damaging her hair further. Not a problem for Nepenji!

Double Process Hair Color to Get the Hair Color You Want

Salon Nepenji package - Picture 7 - layered haircut and double process hair color
The stylist uses scissors to add layers before applying the double process color.

After receiving an expert layered cut that avoided thinning out or damaging her hair, Nailah was ready for her double process color. Asian hair tends to have a difficult reddish tone when bleached, making it harder to reach a desired color. The stylist was able to handle this and then design a dye that matched Nailah’s wishes.

Who is This Package for?

Salon Nepenji package - Picture 8 - gorgeous look after the expert haircut and gradient hair color
Nailah’s attractive look is complete with this gradient color. Still looking shiny and healthy!

This package is recommended for those with curly hair that would like to try an extremely specialized cut and style. It is also recommended for those that would like to receive an expert cut and color, available for any hair type or texture. Let the experts at Nepenji take your hair to the next level!


*They also have a branch in Omotesando and this package is available at Unsarto salon.

16,000 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

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