BULB Hair Salon in Daikanyama

BULB's master stylist Nageyama-san is one of Tokyo’s most sought after hair designers. BULB is a hair salon focused on constantly developing Daikanyama's latest hairstyles and trends. A BULB is the source of beautiful flowers. They chose this name because the salon wanted to be the vessel that made the flower. Every staff member knows how to use the latest technology and combine it with their skills to create something beautiful. At Tokyo Beauty Stars we arrange exclusive discounts with the team at BULB Hair Salon in Daikanyama on your behalf to guarantee you get the best possible price and experience.
Salon: BULB
Salon Location:

3 minute walk from Daikan-Yama Station (Tokyu Toyoko Line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Weekdays 12:00-22:00
• Weekends 10:00-19:00
*Closed every Tuesday


• English (Basic)
• Japanese (Fluent)

Accepted Payments: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners

Free Wi-Fi

BULB hair salon in Daikanyama, Tokyo
BULB hair salon in Daikanyama, Tokyo
BULB hair salon in Daikanyama, Tokyo
BULB hair salon in Daikanyama, Tokyo
BULB hair salon in Daikanyama, Tokyo
BULB hair salon in Daikanyama, Tokyo

Get an amazing haircut and receive excellent quality and service at one of Tokyo’s most sought-after hair stylists.

Improve your hair health and enjoy straight, frizz-free hair everyday with BULB’s innovative Japanese hair straightening system.

With over 200 colors to choose from, get the perfect hair color that looks great and feels great no matter what.



He has many loyal customers that will travel long distances for his services. Professionalism and high quality service are equally as important to him as his hair design techniques, as he believes that - the stylist holds the ultimate responsibility in providing customers what was promised to them.

Ami Chibana

She has been with Mingle Salon on Midtown Fifth Avenue of New York for 10 years as a hair and makeup artist. While doing salon work, she gained brilliant accomplishments by also being involved with New York Fashion Week, ad shooting for LIM College New York, Bob Dylan's official music video, and hair and makeup for a famous fashion designer. She speaks business-level English, and has a technique that corresponds to all hair types—therefore, she has many international clients. She moved back to Japan when she gave birth.


Noriko Okano

She has an experienced at New York Collection doing hair and make up in the past, has a lot of international customers as her clients, and she is used to interacting with customers in English at the salon. She specializes in design colors such as highlights and balayage that is high on demand from international customers. Her designs and the techniques have high reputation from customers from the US, Europe and Asia.

Sakiko Hata

A popular stylist that draws out the images that customers want by attentive counselling. She has a high level of knowledge and suggestion ability regarding hair care, and she is good at cute styling for females feminine as she is aware of sensibilities unique to women.


Yuuki Kawazu

Yuuki is good at bob style hair cut and at highlighting the hair color. Many nominations are from fans in their twenties and from European and American customers who prefer their style, good at incorporating the latest hair design trends in Tokyo.


Japanese Hair Card Brand “Aujua”

Aujua is a beauty salon proprietary hair care product that supports beauty, now and into the future, by addressing each individual’s hair and skin concerns and choosing the most appropriate item for you.



Moroccanoil is treatment oil containing topical argan oil blend. It protects the hair from damaging factors such as ultraviolet rays: it gives a natural shine to the hair and makes it supple.


Styling Product “SALUKU”

SALUKU is a styling agent that can reproduce the unique texture of the hair that is graceful when playing in the sea or blowing in the Tidewater.


Iron Hairbrush “CHUDANASTASIA”

CHUDANASTASIA is a heat conduction iron hairbrush developed by the owner of the BULB. You can straighten it without pulling the hair, and you can curl it. You can naturally create a glossy straight or soft hair tip curl.


Milbon Aujua