Teratas 5 Harus-Coba Populer di Tokyo Hair Salon Jasa di Jepang

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February 6th, 2020

Mendengar semua hype tentang salon rambut Jepang dari teman yang pergi ke kunjungan? Not sure what all the terms mean and what to go for? Living in Tokyo and having a hard time locating a Tokyo hair salon that can provide the same services as the ones back home? Misalnya, that beautiful Balayage you used to get at your go-to salon.

Read on to discover our top five most popular Tokyo hair salon services highly reviewed by our international customers at Tokyo Beauty StarsServices range from uniquely Japanese beauty services to popular treatments brought back and adapted from abroad.

Learn about the processes included in each bespoke service as well as the benefits and advantages involved. With expert recommendations provided based on hair types, stylings, and lifestyle needs, you’ll no longer hesitate or second guess your choice next time you browse the extensive menu of a Tokyo hair salon.  

Japanese Head Spa

Kepala spa Ebisu, Tokyo

Performed by a professional head therapist with months of training and a beautician license under their belt, the Japanese Head Spa is not just a massage technique. Sebagai gantinya, it’s a total relaxation session that often involves a professional hair and scalp care session. The benefits are plenty. An invigorating shampooing massage cleanses clogged pores, encouraging hair growth. The ensuing deep conditioning session repairs damaged hair follicles while restoring the scalp’s moisture and oil balance. Bahkan, pressure applied along the hairline curve to just over the ear and onto neckline reduces eye strain and stiffness, as well as improves lymph flow and blood circulation. From the aromatic scents to ambient music, the entire experience is tailored to promote inner healing, stress relief, and mental peace.

The deep moisturizing and oil balancing properties of the Japanese Head Spa make it highly recommended for those suffering from dry and itchy scalp, ketombe, and damaged hair. It’s also perfect for those simply in need of a therapeutic pick me up after a long week at work (or travel). You will walk away refreshed and rejuvenated from the head and body massage session carefully designed to restore wellbeing. Reserve a luxurious Japanese head spa treatment performed by the finest scalp specialists at a top Tokyo hair salon for your next visit!

Manjakan diri dengan pengalaman kepala spa santai di Dot + LIM, dan meninggalkan dengan mengkilap, rambut halus. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Relax and rejuvenate yourself with this personalized head spa and scalp massage treatment in Omotesando. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Memperkenalkan ilmu saraf-pendekatan untuk pengalaman spa kepala minyak tradisional. Pada MINT Hair Salon, pengetahuan akupunktur dimasukkan ke dalam ramuan diresapi spa kepala minyak obat. Mengembalikan keseimbangan mental batin Anda dengan berbasis ilmu saraf spa kepala minyak herbal Medicated menenangkan di Tokyo.

Bersantai dan meremajakan di bawah tangan-tangan terampil dari atas terapis kepala spa kelompok kecantikan terbesar di Jepang ini. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Enjoy a relaxing head spa for moisturized, rambut sehat yang akan mengubah kepala. Pilih dari deep conditioning atau pengobatan aromaterapi. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Menderita berminyak, kulit kepala gatal? This premium scalp treatment will clarify and condition for a healthy scalp. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Dapatkan potongan rambut yang bekerja untuk Anda pada anak laki-laki Tokyo, di mana penata menggunakan teknik cutting freehand khusus untuk menyempurnakan tampilan Anda. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

A haircut and anti-aging hair care package which is perfect for those with dull, flat hair or mature, thinning hair looking to add volume and life. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Pengobatan Inkarami ini

Tokio Inkarami hair treatment @ tokyo beauty stars

After receiving outstanding reviews from high-end Japanese salons, the Tokio Inkarami treatment has become one of the most popular items on the salon menu. Containing the Nobel Prize-winning ingredient fullerene, the Tokio Inkarami treatment is the Japanese beauty industry’s first application of patented technology to hair care. Its amazing repair power is achieved as a result of a strong aggregate bond reaction created through a combination of different types of keratin. By binding the consolidated keratin into hair follicles, the treatment restores hair strength up to 140% and completely repairs brittle, damaged hair from the inside out. Active ingredient fullerene also slows down the hair aging process through the infusion of oxygen into hair cells. Sering, the sessions include steam hair treatments, ensuring your hair fully absorbs the collagen and amino acid filled Tokio Inkarami cream for deep and lasting moisturizing.

Frustrated with damaged bleached hair, split ends, dull-looking locks? Book yourself a Tokio Inkarami Treatment with an award-winning team of stylists at a Tokyo hair salon today. We promise you’ll walk out with an all-new shine to your hair!

Transform gaya rambut Anda dan mendapatkan spa kepala santai atau perawatan rambut meremajakan. Menjadi baru Anda! diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Memotong rambut, head massage & scalp care, intensive Tokio Inkarami steaming hair treatment, plus face threading at salon Apish. All staff are female. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Untuk rambut yang kuat dan sehat dari akar ke ujung, coba industri terkemuka, perbaikan utama pengobatan Tokio Inkarami Salon Sistem. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Jepang Straightening Hair

The world has always had a high demand for smooth, silky hair and Japan has innovatively come up with their own method to iron out unruly hair. Transform your current hair texture into sleek, healthy and shiny locks with this treatment. How it works is, a special solution is first applied to break down and rearrange hair bonds that control shape. After which, hair is permanently straightened out by flat-ironing. This method works on all types of curly hair, what’s more, maintenance is a breeze.

Do note however as the treatment is permanent and does not gradually wear out, this is not recommended for anyone having second thoughts, like to change up their styles, or those with bleached or heavily damaged hair. This also means that there will be an obvious contrast between curly regrowth and already straightened sections, so continuous upkeep is required – similar to that of colored hair.

If you are already waking up extra early to use the hair straightening every morning or the previous straightening job at the last salon was not well done and your hair is damaged and partly frizzy, we definitely recommend you trying out Japanese hair straightening at one of the best Tokyo hair salons for the most updated formula and fine-tuned technique in the market. Say goodbye to unmanageable frizz and hello to smooth, glossy locks with an all-natural finish!

Tokyo Beauty Bintang mengatur diskon eksklusif di Tokyo rambut salon dengan pelurusan rambut Jepang yang menjamin Anda menerima harga terbaik dan pengalaman.

Perawatan keratin (Brazilian Keratin, Brazilian Blowout)

Serupa dengan perawatan rambut Jepang atas, Pengobatan Keratin menyediakan meluruskan rambut dan efek smoothing. Namun, itu jauh lebih sedikit merusak dan tidak permanen. Tidak seperti pelurusan rambut Jepang, pengobatan semi permanen ini menjinakkan keriting sementara memungkinkan Anda kebebasan perubahan gaya! Proses ini dapat bervariasi, tergantung pada penata rambut dan kebutuhan rambut Anda. Beberapa penata lebih memilih untuk menerapkan solusi untuk rambut basah dan biarkan jenuh selama setengah jam sementara jika tidak menerapkannya pada rambut blow kering. After which, remaining coarse strands will be flat-ironed to seal in the treatment where needed. The product is set into the hair using hair straighteners set at a low temperature to maximize keratin absorption with less impact to hair condition.

While a popular treatment overseas, most Japanese salons do not customarily perform Keratin Treatments. But before you start performing hours of Internet research, Tokyo Beauty Stars has got you covered! Tokyo hair salons with stylists skilled in hair-smoothing Keratin Treatments can be found just a few clicks away on our TBS website. Want to try out a straight look without the style commitment? Or simply missed getting Keratin Treatments ever since moving to Tokyo? Let us put you in touch with one of our best Tokyo Keratin specialists at a top Tokyo hair salon!

Tokyo Beauty Bintang mengatur diskon eksklusif di Tokyo rambut salon dengan pengobatan Keratin yang menjamin Anda menerima harga terbaik dan pengalaman.

pemindaian (Freehand-painted highlights)

PIA paket SALON HAIR - Gambar 3 - Menerapkan warna rambut balayage

Last but definitely not the least on our top five most booked hair services is the Balayage. Just as with the keratin treatment, only a few select salons offer this treatment in Tokyo. But rest assured, we have already sourced some of best on our TBS website.

We know what you might be thinking. Non-locals often find Japanese-standard bleach a little too harsh for foreign hair textures, as Asian hair textures require higher concentrations. Di Tokyo Beauty Bintang, we mostly list Tokyo hair salons featuring top stylists with experience overseas and skilled in performing on foreign hair. These stylists are often able to provide foreign customers with a diluted concentration of bleach that can be safely applied on non-local hair textures.

With stylists at Tokyo hair salons renowned for their subtle and natural-looking hand-painted coloring techniques, you are guaranteed beautiful natural-looking highlights that blend in perfectly even with the regrowth. For those hoping for something brighter and more vivid, Japanese stylists’ acclaimed freehand hair painting technique and color pairing will certainly not disappoint.

Want to touch-up your roots from your last Balayage session done back home? Thinking of brightening up your hair with gorgeous, fuss-free sunkissed highlights? Transform your current look with an all-inclusive Balayage treatment featuring all the complimentary services that Tokyo hair salons are known for.

Dari pemutihan untuk balayage dan segala sesuatu di antara, mengubah tampilan Anda dan kehidupan Anda dengan merek warna rambut baru! diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Get a haircut and a vibrant, 3D hair color while your hair is protected from damage with Fiberplex fiber bond technology. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Pengalaman terlihat alami setengah Balayage menggunakan teknik penyorotan terbaru untuk usaha, warna rambut rendah pemeliharaan. diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Amazing extremely specialized haircut and hair color technique from the curly hair specialists at one of the best hair salon for curly hair in Tokyo! diskon eksklusif dan reservasi gratis.

Final recommendations

Visiting Tokyo? We highly recommend trying either the Head spa, Tokio Inkarami Treatment or Japanese Hair Straightening. You will be receiving the best in uniquely Japanese beauty services under the hands of highly trained stylists. With Tokyo home to the country’s industry-leading top-notch salons, salons here employ advanced products and techniques employed not yet available anywhere else in the world. Di samping itu, Tokyo transplants who are longing for some of the services back home can definitely consider our Keratin Treatment and Balayage packages. Enjoy a new hairstyle with minimal damage and inclusive treatment sessions under the hands of internationally-minded hairdressers highly experienced with foreign hair!

pemindaian, Salon rambut, Berbahasa Inggris, Tokyo, Jepang

Whichever package you choose, Tokyo Beauty Stars is here to assist and welcome you to the world of not just Japanese salon beauty services, but top Tokyo Hair Salons. Where every experience begins with a detailed consultation session that ensures you receive the perfect combination of products and services that best fits your styling and hair care needs. Leave the reservation details to us! All you need to do is look forward to a hair pampering and relaxation experience. More often than not, it will end with you leisurely sipping from an aromatic cup of tea.