“KEBUN”Salon Rambut TOKYO di Ginza

"KEBUN"TOKYO mungkin adalah salon rambut paling terkenal di Tokyo. Di 2006, mereka menjadi sangat terkenal ketika mereka membuka salon besar di Harajuku, dengan pengukuran besar dari 660 meter persegi dan memiliki 40 meja rias. Hari ini, mereka memiliki banyak cabang di Jepang. Ada desainer rambut unik di "KEBUN"TOKYO, yang muncul di media seperti TV dan fashion majalah, dan memimpin tren fashion terbaru di Tokyo. "KEBUN"Salon TOKYO menyambut pelanggan internasional dari seluruh dunia dengan semangat Omotenashi Jepang, dan keterampilan tata rambut mereka terpercaya.
Lokasi Salon:

5 menit berjalan kaki dari stasiun Ginza (Garis Ginza, Marunouchi-Line, Hibiya-Line)

* Setelah pemesanan dikonfirmasi, kami email Anda peta dan kontak arah salon rincian.

Jam buka:

• Weekday 10:30 - 20:00
• Weekend & Hari libur 10:00 - 19:00


• Bahasa Inggris
• Jepang
We have a translating machine that supports all languages.

Pembayaran diterima: Tunai, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Pengunjung, Temukan

Ada tirai untuk memastikan privasi selama spa kepala



His color sense, which makes the most of hair design gained from a wide range of experience, has earned the trust of many customers. He always has a stoic attitude to improve his skills and never misses research on technology and trends. In order to improve the skills of the entire GARDEN Group, he continues to expand his range of activities as a color professional, such as teaching color courses for staff and also serving as a seminar instructor in Japan and overseas.


【He can speak a little English.】
With the belief of "always making new discoveries and suggestions", he is a master of bringing out cuteness that the person himself is not aware of. It has garnered support from women who are particular about beauty, and has many customers such as celebrities and models. He has a wealth of knowledge about hair, etc., and has a reputation for treating color perms without damaging hair. He is an exceptionally cheerful character, and even first-timers should be able to get along with him quickly.
If you don't know what to do, please leave it to us! I'll definitely make it the best!!



She is good at styles that incorporate moderate layers into bob and medium lengths and add nuances of movement to the hair. We propose a matching cut that values the fact that it looks good.

Send out easy self-arrangements on SNS to convey ease of imitation and points. They are particular about design colors that shine when arranged and hair colors that make your skin look beautiful. She has a cheerful personality and she have a passionate side that firmly faces the hairstyle he wants to become.


She is good at short hairstyles that can keep her cuteness and enjoy styling.
Since She have short hair herself, She have in mind ,She would like to convey to my guests that it is important to balance how to dry and curl it, and that you can actually enjoy short hair in a wide variety.
She propose hairstyles that fit around the face according to each person's different head shape. Through scalp care that can be experienced through salon treatment, she will propose not only relaxation, but also to create a healthy scalp and support the continuation of hairstyles at home.



【He can speak a little English.】
He has a wide range of techniques that he is good at, from styles that fit well to styles that have movement, and maximizes femininity while identifying hair problems and complexes..
In order to lead to beautiful hair, he learns hair knowledge, and is good at proposing treatments and hair care that identify hair quality, kerusakan, and habit. The proposal that mixes unique techniques has received support from customers, and there are many repeat customers for hair straightening treatment.


【She can speak a little English.】
Based on my experience in being involved in many frontiers of beauty, the fresh hair design I propose to customers creates hair movement and makes the texture look soft.

Layers that are conscious of not only the bangs but also the face area and side bangs complement the guests' expressions and create a constantly brushed-up mood. A popular stylist who proposes a wide range of hairstyles that incorporate a playful spirit that makes women feel good.



She specializes in natural hair designs that carefully assess guests' lifestyles, hair types, and skeletons. Khususnya, he is particular about matching the area around the face, and is good at the bob medium style that looks small. Based on the desire to "color hair that impresses customers", she pursues new techniques for highlights and design colors that make a slight difference from those around her.

TAKA (Takashi Yamagishi)

【He can to some degree speak english 】

He moved to NYC after learning the basics of technology in Tokyo, we promise to provide you with a wonderful and experience in Japan with proposals that suit your bone structure and hair type, as well as proposals and techniques that have been recognized by customers in NYC. Dengan 7 years of experience in NY, I have connected with customers in various countries, and from the summer of 2022, I returned to Japan.
“Add color and design to your lifestyle!"
I travel back and forth between Tokyo and Osaka with the theme of , and return the technology and knowledge I gained in NY to a wide range of customers.
Di masa lalu, we have had many experiences in magazines and seminars in Japan and the United States, and we continue to communicate with customers in both countries.

Regarding the work day, we have posted it on our personal SNS, so please check it.