擁有和經營的兩個姐姐, MINT已從所有服務國外客戶在世界各地的 18 年. 除了國際客戶, MINT是繁忙的媽媽誰總是有一個很難找到空間,在他們的日程安排,以保持自己的庇護所. MINT在等待時間和理髮提供全面的設施,為嬰兒和孩子安慰他們. 所以, 媽媽們可以放鬆和享受高質量的時間,而不必對孩子們不斷地檢查.
沙龍: 薄荷

6 從惠比壽車站分鐘的步行路程 (JR 山手線, 地鐵日比谷線)

* 一旦預訂得到確認, 我們向您發送電子郵件沙龍方向圖和聯繫方式.


• 星期一到星期五 11:00 - 21:00
• 星期六 10:00 - 20:00 (9:00 只有提前預訂)
•週日和節假日 10:00 - 18:00 (9:00 只有提前預訂)
* 逢週二和每月的第三個星期一


• 英語 (基本)
• 日本 (流利)

接受付款方式: 現金, 簽證, 萬事達卡, 美國運通, 食客

• 免費的 Wi-Fi
• Semi-Private room (需要一個完全私人的房間預訂)
• Kid’s room

Salon MINT-hairstyle 1

Salon MINT-hairstyle 2

Salon MINT-hairstyle 3

Salon MINT-hairstyle

享受無壓力的美髮預約與您的孩子在MINT沙龍, 其中,專業和貼心的工作人員把家庭第一.



Her clients are touched by her warm hospitality, they cry with joy. Counselling with her is a one-of-a-kind experience as she always takes her client’s feelings into deep consideration. She devotes herself to finding the best solution for her clients’ needs and concerns.


No other hair stylist can deal with kids better than her. As a mother of three children, Naomi understands the needs of client moms and can comfort kids during waiting time and haircuts. She creates a relaxed and fun time at the salon for both moms and children.



Matsuo is a specialist in men’s hair. He produces stylish and well-tailored haircuts with his delicate and detailed scissor technique. His professional skills attract many VIPs including the owner of a famous hotel in Tokyo.


源自植物的洗髮水 & 治療 “EGE”

For mature women who wish to be more beautiful day by day, Viege delivers vegetable-derived nutrients to restore life and moisture to aging or damaged hair. Viege幫助成熟女性風格自己的頭髮,因為他們喜歡,只要他們想要的. 該品牌希望通過提供保證,以客戶. 從量的損失, 堅固性, 和光澤不必要的捲髮, 粗糙度, 和乾燥, Viege側重於老齡化現象的主要原因 - 稀疏的頭髮. All Viege products treat the hair so clients can enjoy silky, 濃密的頭髮與彈跳和運動.

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Product used: Viege vegetable supplement for Scalp & 頭髮

源自植物的洗髮水 & Treatment "Viege"