HOPE髮廊於12月開業 2018. 這兩個業主見面,而他們都在東京高檔髮廊的一個工作. 他們提供最優質的服務, 他們認為在最好的, 他們不做出任何妥協, 尤其是在產品,他們提供給客戶的選擇. 幾何時尚沙龍是獨一無二的,具有復古的裝飾,會提醒你的電影“發條橙”. 主人, 裕太, 經歷了沙龍的工作在墨爾本, 澳大利亞. They are always keeping their eyes open for Tokyo's hair trends, 新產品, 並更新他們的最新的美髮技術知識.
沙龍: 希望

10 從澀谷站分鐘步行路程 (JR Yamanonte線, JR Shounan Shinjuku Line, JR埼京線, 京王井之頭線, 銀座線, 半藏門線, 副都心線, 橫線)

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• 星期一到星期五 11:00 - 21:00
•週末及日本節假日 10:00 - 20:00


• 英語
• 日本

接受付款方式: 現金, 簽證, 萬事達卡, 美國運通

• 免費的 Wi-Fi

隨著直治愈, 享受完好無損, 自然的直發治療和髮型變化的自由.



He worked in Melbourne, Australia for one year after building up his hairdressing career in Tokyo. He learnt different hair types and bone structure between Asians and Westerners, and he learned techniques such as blow-drying, Balayage and fade haircuts. Even after he returned to Tokyo, his customers from Melbourne still ask for his service during their visits to Japan. He knows that the levels of skill may vary, but Japanese hairdressing technique is highly rated abroad.


Even after a few months, you will know that his haircut was accurate and detailed work. He designs your hairstyle to make it easy to manage and reproducible. He is very good at adjusting hair volume to the right amount. He can also trim in the balance on the hairline, sideburns, and neckline to keep the beautiful silhouette even a few months after the initial haircut. He specializes in haircuts that require very advanced scissor techniques such as bobs and short hair styles, and men’s haircuts.




Fibereplex is a revolutionary bond enforcement system which prevents 94% 頭髮的損害. 本產品已使增加的色彩服務範圍, coloring hair without damage, 而使頭髮具有令人難以置信的光澤.

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System Professional by Wella

System Professional developed and patented the EnergyCode Complex based on carefully balanced ingredients. Oleic acid and Glyceryl monooleate help to maintain the structural integrity of the hair by replenishing it. Histidine repairs the natural protein structure of the hair and helps protect against damage. Caffeine increases blood circulation and keeps the root of the hair energized. Vitamin B3 amide enchances the moisture balance in the scalp and contributes to stronger, healthier hair growth.

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FIBREPLEX - 美髮專業護髮產品由施華蔻專業


System Professional Wella, 東京, 日本

System Professional