表参道, 其中SOZO位于, 是著名的不仅是最时髦的,而且日本的美发行业内最有竞争力. 该地区是充满才华的设计师谁可以解决,即使是最严重的头发烦恼的. 在这些沙龙, SOZO对于具有各类客户的知名, 其中包括来自国外的客户, 特别是因为我们可以为他们服务于英语. 我们有经验,在美容院工作的国外设计师, 如在U.K. 与中美. 另一个显著的一点是,我们准备的各种产品,为客户提供敏感和非亚洲毛发状态.
沙龙: SOZO

8-从原宿站,步行 (JR 山手线)

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• 工作日 11:00 - 21:00
• Weekends and National holidays – 10am-8pm
* Closed Tuesdays


• 英语 (流利)
• 日本 (流利)

接受付款方式: 现金, 银联 (银联), 签证, 万事达卡, 美国运通, 食客

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SOZO Hair Salon, 东京

SOZO Hair Salon, 东京

SOZO Hair Salon, 东京



After receiving his diploma from Sassoon Academy London in 1997, he started off his career at a salon in London In 1999, he moved to the US and obtained the Top Stylist qualification and became a Salon Manager in New York. Following his return to Japan in 2009, he finally established SOZO alongside his business partner TAA while working as a Salon Manager at a salon in Omotesando. He specializes in elegant and stylish bob cuts but is also excellent at natural/mode styles.


After receiving the diploma from Sassoon Academy London, he set out took his first steps of his hairdresser journey at a salon in London. After years of dedicated service at a salon in Omotesando, 日本, he established SOZO alongside KEIZO. He pursues his passion for natural, effortless styles, no matter the original hair texture, volume, or length. He also does hair styles for men.



After graduating from University, he received a hairdressing certificate from a Japanese hairdressing school and obtained a national Cosmetology License. He has also completed the diploma course at Sassoon Academy London, and polished his technique for two years a London-based salon. He is competent at effortless chic styles, from long to short, creating and adjusting the base first to ensure it is well-shaped.



Flowdia是一个创新的头发修复系统,只有在头发的受损部分可选择性工作. 不同于创建非自然的沉重和油性质地等治疗产品, Flowdia处理产生光滑, 轻量级, 和可管理头发与来自根天然纹理到尖端. Flowdia洗发水被配制成治疗头发的混合条件, 这是油性的根和干燥在端部. 它清洁头发和头皮,不洗去天然油脂生产健康光泽的头发有天然纹理.

了解更多关于 FLOWDIA (只有日语).


Flowdia - 一个创新的头发修复系统