你会忘记,奥纳位于繁华和时尚的表参道区的中间,当你在沙龙与您的朋友和家人度过真正放松的时间. 奥纳充满了柔和的自然光线和大量绿色的,可为其客户提供非常宁静的时刻. 发廊的主人在东京的一个非常有名的美发沙龙获得了丰富的经验. 仿佛他是一个医生的头发, 他能解决任何类型的毛发问题,他的客户有. 另外, OHANA专业,没有损害它创建光泽光亮的头发染发.

8-minute walk from Omotesando Station B3 Exit (地铁银座线, 地铁半藏门线, 地铁千代田线)

* 一旦预订得到确认, 我们向您发送电子邮件沙龙方向图和联系方式.


• Wednesday to Friday 12:00 - 22:00
• 星期六 11:00 - 20:00
•周日和节假日 11:00 - 19:00
* Closed on Mondays


日语 (流利)

接受付款方式: 现金, 签证, 万事达卡, 美国运通, 食客

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hair styles of ohana salon in Omotesando, 东京

hair styles of ohana salon in Omotesando, 东京

hair styles of ohana salon in Omotesando, 东京

hair styles of ohana salon in Omotesando, 东京

hair styles of ohana salon in Omotesando, 东京


Tomohiro Konishi

Konishi has an extensive experience in the industry. He analyzes his clients’ mental and physical conditions during the pre-service counseling to provide them with the one-and-only style. Thanks to his superb technique, he is able to create bespoke hairstyles which are easy for his clients to manage at home at the same time.

Hiroko Usui

Hiroko specializes in dry haircut. 随着她的注重细节的造型技术, she can create the most suitable hairstyles for her clients. Becuase she cuts her client’s hair dry and cuts by eye to create movement within the hair so no matter which way the wind moves it your hair will look amazing and fall into place.



oggi otto

Oggi otto is a very exclusive shampoo which only 1% of all the hair salons in Japan are certified to use. This special shampoo is called as a high concentration serum. The carefully selected 13 kinds of plant-derived moisturizing ingredients are all certified by Ecocert, so oggi otto is very gentle for sensitive skin. Organic aroma oils are used to produce its calming scent. Oggi otto can deliver essential nutrients to the hair and repair all kinds of hair damages.

了解更多关于 oggi otto (只有日本的网页)


ñ. Styling, SHEA OIL & SHEA MILK

ñ. (宣判n点) is a line of styling products produced by professional Japanese hair brand. N.STYLING products maintain the natural texture of your hair while giving a desirable silhouette to your hairstyle. 该产品手感很轻,你甚至会忘记,你把任何东西在你的头发. 所以,如果你不使用的产品风格你的头发的忠实粉丝, N.STYLING is your best choice. Try the N.SHEA OIL and SHEA MILK, after drying by a towel, spread intensively all of your hair evenly and dry using the dryer. You can cure your split hair and all of the hair become smooth and silky.

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oggi otto SHEA OIL, SEA MILK

oggi otto

ñ. - 头发定型产品由专业美发品牌Napla