Sparkling Water, Carbonated Water Shampoo in Tokyo

Sparkling water or carbonated water improves your blood circulation and deep cleans grease and dirt from the hair follicles. The increased carbon in the water increases blood circulation of the scalp much more than normal hot water. Because of this, impurities like dirt, oil, styling products and sebum that are stuck to the hair and scalp are lifted away at the roots by the carbonated water’s bubbles. This results in beautiful soft hair that is easy to manage, and gives it extra elasticity and shine.

The Ultimate Head Spa Experience

Add shine to a dull mane or turn tangled knots into silky smooth strands with the hair experts at Dot+LIM.

Refreshing Organic Scalp Treatment

Sparkling water head spa and organic Japanese products: the perfect solution for all your hair and scalp issues.

Top Hair Designers in Tokyo

Let one of these top four hair designers at natura salon give you a completely new look and rejuvenate your style.

Fix Your Frizzy Hair with Patented Technology Hair Treatment

Let your damaged hair get extra-special care with the Tokio Inkarami Salon System treatment at natura salon.

The Scalp Treatment Head Cure

Is your hair feeling dry and in knots, or is your scalp oily and itchy? Introducing the latest head spa trend – the Head Cure.

Meet a Top “Hazushi” Japanese Hairdresser for a Custom Look!

Add a stylish twist to your go-to haircut at the friendly Harajuku Japanese hair salon making waves with its innovative “Hazushi” technique!

Express Yourself With a Bespoke Hairstyle

Cleanse your hair with a mineral-rich carbonated water treatment and enjoy a one-of-a-kind, artistic haircut.

Get an Easy, Natural Hairstyle that Fits Your Lifestyle

Getting a haircut is easy. Styling it day-to-day is hard. Find an everyday hairstyle that is personalized and natural.