Natural and Organic Products Friendly Salons in Tokyo

Natural and organic hair salons in Tokyo normally layer a focus on being environmentally friendly salons on top of their focus on style. Following both local, and global eco-friendly concepts they have a passion for changing the beauty industry for the better and are committed to bringing our customers safe, natural, and high performance hair services and products. Treat yourself to luxurious, holistic hair care at competitive prices.

Add Volume and Shine to Lifeless and Thin Hair!

Limp, thin hair not only looks bad but is also incredibly aging. Visit Renjishi salon for a professional solution that will turn back time!

Refreshing Organic Scalp Treatment

Sparkling water head spa and organic Japanese products: the perfect solution for all your hair and scalp issues.

Rejuvenate Your Hair with Hair Care and Scalp Specialists!

For luscious locks, healthy scalp, and ultimate relaxation, schedule a hair pampering session with Apish’s highly qualified all-female team!

Meet a Top “Hazushi” Japanese Hairdresser for a Custom Look!

Add a stylish twist to your go-to haircut at the friendly Harajuku Japanese hair salon making waves with its innovative “Hazushi” technique!