Roops-2-8 - Our Caucasian model, Una, chose warm brown J-curls for her left eye and cool brown C-curls for her right eye.

The Thick, Maintenance-Free Eyelashes of Your Dreams

Enhance your natural beauty and make your morning routine a breeze with high-quality, customized eyelash extensions.

Salon Price 14,580 JPY
TBS Price 10,800 JPY
Tax included, no tips in Japan

Service includes:

• Up to 120 individual single eyelash extensions (60 per eye)
• Free old eyelash extensions removal
• Eyelash essence application for thicker stronger eyelashes
• Eyelash coating for waterproof and longer lasting effect
All services are performed by top-class ‘Eyelists’, nationally licensed beauticians with professional eyelash extension diplomas.
*Please use oil-free cleanser to remove your make-up. Using an oil cleanser would weaken the glue and cause the eyelash extensions to fall off.
*In general, this service is safe for pregnant women. However, if you have sensitive skin or if you feel uncomfortable laying on your back in the same position for 1 -2 hours, please refrain from using this service.


2 hours

Salon: Roops
Salon Location:

5 minute walk from Omotesando Station (Ginza line, Chiyoda line, Hanzomon line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00-21:00
• Saturday, Sunday, National holidays 10:00-19:00
* Closed every 1st and 3rd Monday, every Tuesday of the month.


Japanese (Fluent)

Accepted Payments: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express

Free Wi-Fi

Roops-2-1 - The two models were excited to get their eyelash extensionsThe two models were excited to get their eyelash extensions.

Upon arrival, our models were greeted by a very friendly receptionist. Roops conveniently offers all the premium beauty services needed for a total beauty treatment: hair, nails, eyelashes, head spas, massages, bridal services…they have it all!

Roops-2-2.The friendly bilingual receptionist helping our models to communicate with the EyelistThe friendly receptionist helping our models

Consultation with Your Professional “Eyelists”

The service started with a consultation by the Roops eyelash specialists. In Japan, these specialists are called “Eyelists”. They are highly certified professionals, holding national beautician licenses and professional diplomas in the application of Eyelash Extensions.

Roops-2-3 - The Eyelists at RoopsThe Eyelists at Roops

The Eyelists showed our models an illustrated table of various eyelash extension designs and explained how each of them can choose the ideal eyelash extensions for her style, using a combination of length, color, thickness and curl types.

Achieving Your Desired Look

Eyelash Material:
Sable is the closest material to natural eyelashes so they are so comfortable that you may even forget you are wearing eyelash extensions! Sable, being a very soft and flexible material, lasts longer and is non-damaging. They are also low-maintenance; you just wear them and each lash naturally falls off after a month or so.

Available in 14 colors (black, 6 shades of cool and warm brown tones, and 7 rainbow colors). By applying different shades of light, medium, and dark-colored eyelash extensions to different areas of the lash line, your eyes can appear rounder, longer, or closer to each other. 3D color effects are also available.

Roops- 2-4 - Eyelash Extension design

Available in 10 lengths (from 6 mm to 15 mm). In order to maintain a natural look, the eyelash extensions will be one and a half times the length of your natural eyelashes. However, for maximum effect, the eyelashes can be extended an additional 2- 3 millimeters.

The thickness of the eyelash extensions can be adjusted to create different looks:

  • 0.1mm will give a more natural look
  • 0.15 mm creates a look similar to natural eyelashes if the mascara is applied once
  • 0.2 mm gives a more intense/dramatic look

There are 3 types of curls available to choose from J-curls for a natural look, C-curls for a slightly more winding look, and D-curls for higher impact.

The Process

Our models lay down for their fittings. At this point, the customer can make changes if desired.

After selecting their eyelash extensions, it was time to prepare their eyes for the application and securing their lids with medical tape. They then applied the extensions using equipment hygienically sterilized for each customer.

In addition, the eyelashes and glue used during the application process are both Made in Japan. The safe and sustainable glue is made domestically and the active ingredient, fullerene, is a Nobel Prize-winning substance added to the glue for its anti-aging properties. Fullerene is considered to be effective for removing oxidants and harmful substances causing melanin formation. Fullerene is blended with the glue in order to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and to achieve a more youthful glow to your eyes.

Roops-2-6 - The Eyelists magic hands at workThe Eyelists magic hands at work

The Results

As for our models, both chose natural lengths and thicknesses, which best suited their natural eyelashes.

Roops-2-7-Our Asian model, Ai, selected C-curls that were colored both black and blue.Our Asian model, Ai, selected C-curls that were colored both black and blue.

Roops-2-8 - Our Caucasian model, Una, chose warm brown J-curls for her left eye and cool brown C-curls for her right eye.Our Caucasian model, Una, chose warm brown J-curls for her left eye and cool brown C-curls for her right eye.

Look at these results! Our models were really impressed at the difference their new lashes made to their overall look. Head to Roops now for your new set of ‘Ooh-la-la’ lashes!

10,800 JPY
Tax included, no tips in Japan

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