Salon The Pond Hair package - Get an Easy, Natural Hairstyle that Fits Your Lifestyle

Make Mornings a Breeze With an Easy-To-Maintain Hairstyle

Cut your morning routine in half with a low-maintenance, chic hairstyle that's tailored to fit your life.

Salon Price 11,340 JPY
TBS Price 10,260 JPY
Tax included, no tips in Japan

Service includes:
  • Haircut
  • Deep conditioning 3-step treatment with a steam machine (effective for the treatment of inner hair damage; results in smooth, shining hair)
  • Sparkling scalp cleansing shower with mineral-rich carbonated water
  • Shampoo, drying, and styling

1.5 hours

Salon The Pond Hair in Nakameguro, Tokyo
Salon: The Pond Hair Tokyo
Salon Location:

8-minute walk from Nakameguro Station (Hibiya Line, Tokyu Toyoko Line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

Bookable weekdays only 11:00 – 21:00


• English (Fluent)
• Japanese (Fluent)

Accepted Payments: Cash, Union Pay (銀聯), VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners

Free Wi-Fi

Expert Cutting and Styling for Both Men and Women

The Pond is known for the stylists’ amazing attention to detail, and this is true for men’s cuts as well. The stylists are very precise and take time to create the best possible cut.

Salon The Pond Hair package - Picture 1 -before the haircut and hair treatment. The man wants a neat haircut that easy to style at home
Mike’s “Before” shot. Let’s see what the stylist can do!

Our model Mike arrived hoping for a neat cut and style, and the stylist spent time consulting about his problem areas and how he could cut to make styling easier. Salon owner Kobayashi took weight off the sides and carefully went over his work as much as needed until he felt that the look was perfect. Instead of opting to use an electric razor, the stylist was precise with his scissors and a comb.

Salon The Pond Hair package - Picture 2 - man haircut with outstanding scissors skill
It may take more time than an electric razor, but the results speak for themselves!

After such a precise cut, styling for our model was a breeze! He left looking suave and looking forward to his hair working with him during his morning routine, not against him.

Salon The Pond Hair package - Picture 3 - very handsome haircut for men, looks professional but also very stylist
What a handsome cut! It’s stylish and professional, making every morning a bit easier.

A Stylist that Listens to Your Desires

Salon The Pond Hair package - Picture 4 - the model before the haircut
Our lovely model Rachel’s “Before” shot.

Our next model is a woman who had decided to make her hair a bit healthier and her life a bit easier. She has thick hair in the back and wavy hair in the front, so she and the stylist decided together on an undercut in the back to take off as much weight as possible while keeping the length in the front. To address the waviness, the stylist decided on repairing the damage causing the waves with a conditioning treatment.

Salon The Pond Hair package - Picture 5 - haircut for natural hairstyles
All of our model’s concerns were addressed with diligent attention to every detail.

Her stylist, art director Kayo Yagisawa, lived in New York for many years and speaks fluent English, so they worked together and discussed how they could tweak our model’s suggested cuts to fit her natural hair type and make it low-maintenance.

Cleansing Sparking Water Spa and Hair Conditioning Treatment

Salon The Pond Hair package - Picture 6 - hair cleansing with sparking water before deep conditioning treatment
The mineral-rich sparkling water may tickle a bit, but our model looks very relaxed.

In order to ensure that as much of the conditioning treatment as possible was absorbed by the hair, the stylist first cleansed her hair with a sparkling water head spa and a massaging shampoo. The shampoo was also washed away with the sparkling water, lifting away impurities and revitalizing the scalp. After her hair was sparkling clean, a three-step conditioning treatment called “SCENA” by MUCOTA was applied with an ultra-fine mist of steam. The steam worked to penetrate the hair all the way to the core, making the most of the conditioning treatment.

A Natural Hairstyle to Fit Your Lifestyle

Salon The Pond Hair package - Picture 7 - a natural hairstyle that fits your lifestyle
The undercut beautifully blended into her longer layers, creating a lovely styled bob.

Using this and Rachel’s personal style and preferences, the stylist went to work creating a cut that addressed Rachel’s concerns while also looking incredible even before styling. The Pond’s specialty is creating haircuts that fit the client’s desires while also making sure that it’s a cut that works their hair and lifestyle.

The stylist took her time undercutting the back, razor-cutting the ends, and shaping up the front to create a look that left everyone in the salon in awe. Rachel’s hair fit her perfectly, and she was looking forward to looking amazing every day with little effort.

Who is This Package for?

Salon The Pond Hair package - Picture 8 - Perfect natural hairstyle, beautiful and easy, don't need any styling
What a look! Rachel’s hair looks incredible with barely any styling!

This package is for anyone, man or woman, looking for a haircut delivered by a diligent stylist. This is especially recommended for those that want a cut tailored to their specific hair type. The conditioning treatment with steam coupled with the sparkling head spa is also an amazing deal, sure to leave your hair healthy and reenergized.

10,260 JPY
Tax included, no tips in Japan

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