Aromatic Cream Head Spa To Soothe an Itchy Scalp and De-Frizz Hair in Tokyo

Enjoy a relaxing head spa in central Tokyo for moisturized, healthy hair that'll turn heads. Choose from a deep conditioning or aromatherapy treatment.

Salon Price 14,300 JPY
TBS Price 11,000 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

Service includes:

・7-step therapeutic head spa, including a hair cream bath with holistic essential aroma oil
・5-step Japanese deep conditioning treatment
・Shampoo, drying, and styling


1.5 hours

Salon Location:

3-minute walk from Hiroo Station (Metro Hibiya Line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Mondays 11:00 – 19:00
• Wednesdays 11:00 – 20:00
• Thursdays 13:00 – 22:00
• Fridays, Sundays and Holidays 10:00 – 19:00
• Saturdays 10:00 – 20:00
*Closed on Tuesdays


• English
• Japanese

Accepted Payments: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners

• Free Wi-Fi
• Mama’s club on the 2nd Thursday of the month

How Can You Tame Thin, Curly and/or Wavy Hair in a Humid Environment?

Our model has naturally curly hair that she has had a hard time controlling since moving to Japan due to the humidity. Before moving, however, she still struggled to find a stylist that could take her natural hair and cut it in a way that showed its true beauty. At her visit to INSOLITE BEAUTE, she was hoping to find a solution for this while also finding something that could soothe her scalp.

Salon INSOLITE BEAUTE package - Picture 1 - Curly frizzy hair before the haircut and hair treatment
Our model, Mylène, poses for her “Before” picture. Lovely curls, but unwanted frizz.

Sometimes a Little Haircut can Make All the Difference

After consulting with Mylène about her issues and hopes for this salon visit, the stylist went to work on giving her a cut that would help manage her frizz while not taking away from her hair’s natural beauty. He did so by designing a cut with specific layers only near the ends of her hair to help keep the weight off, encouraging volume from her roots while making her ends less heavy.

Salon INSOLITE BEAUTE package - Picture 2 - Anti-frizz haircut
Mylène enjoys a professional cut for the first time in many years!

How Can You Heal an Itchy Scalp while also Preventing Hair Loss? Aromatherapy for the Scalp, Hair, and Soul

After receiving a cut designed to alleviate her frizz-related grievances, Mylène was ready for her aroma cream head spa (or Balinese cream head spa), chosen to address her itchy scalp. She was given nine aroma oil samples to choose her own unique aromatherapy blend, and after choosing her three favorite aromas, she enjoyed a relaxing and cleansing shampoo massage. The staff then applied her special blend of aromatherapy cream and began a traditional Balinese massage on her scalp, neck, and shoulders. How luxurious!

Salon INSOLITE BEAUTE package - Picture 3 - Aroma choices for aromatherapy
Mylène samples the aroma choices carefully before deciding on her own special blend.

Please note that the cream head spa is one of the options that come with this package. The aroma cream head spa is recommended for those with scalp issues or for those just looking for a way to relax or be pampered.

Salon INSOLITE BEAUTE package - Picture 4 - A Balinese cream head spa
A Balinese cream head spa, applied and then massaged into the scalp.

Repairing Thin, Damaged Hair from the Inside Out with MILBON

The MILBON hair treatment is the second of the two options available for this package. For our model’s thin, frizzy hair, she received a hair treatment by MILBON, Japan’s leading brand in hair care. The 5-step treatment is designed to repair hair from the inside out, and it can only be applied by salon’s certified by MILBON. To help the treatment reach the hair’s center, steam is applied during the treatment to open the hair shaft and allow the product to repair damage deep within each hair strand.

Salon INSOLITE BEAUTE package - Picture 6 - Head spa with scalp massage
Mylène enjoys a scalp massage as her treatment is rinsed out. Looks relaxing!

Styling Techniques to Promote Volume and Reduce Damage

After the MILBON hair treatment is complete, the stylist returns to dry and style Mylène’s hair. The stylist made a point to blow her hair dry with a round brush instead of a straightener in order to promote volume and lessen the heat damage. The end result was voluminous and shiny hair, not frizzy or thin hair.

Salon INSOLITE BEAUTE package - Picture 7 - Hair styling
The stylist is careful to style Mylène’s newly healthy hair with a round brush to create volume and reduce damage.

Our Model’s Thoughts on Her Experience

When asked about her experience at INSOLITE BEAUTE, our model said it was very relaxing. She said that she even struggled in her home country to find a stylist she trusted, but she didn’t feel that way this time. She was happy that her stylist took a lot of time consulting her and listening to her issues before cutting, and she really enjoyed the relaxing aspect of going to a Japanese salon. After such an attentive styling and rejuvenating treatments, Mylène feels ready to give salons another chance.

Who is This Package Recommended for?

Interested in experiencing top quality salon services like these in one of the most luxurious areas in Tokyo? This package is recommended for those struggling with thin or uncontrollably frizzy hair OR for those struggling with a dry, itchy scalp. If either sounds familiar, why not give INSOLITE BEAUTE a try?

11,000 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

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