Organic scalp treatment

Banish Dandruff With Organic Japanese Scalp Treatment in Tokyo

Get a healthy scalp the Japanese way with a sparkling water head spa and a scalp treatment using organic Japanese products.

Salon Price 8,800 JPY
TBS Price 7,040 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

Service includes:

・Sparkling water (Mineral-rich carbonated water spa)
・Organic shampoo & treatment
・Shampoo, drying and styling


1 hour

Salon: Dot+LIM
Salon Location:

3 minute walk from Omotesando Station (Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays 11:00-21:00
• Thursdays 11:00-19:00
• Weekends 10:00-21:00
* Closed every Monday and 3rd Thursday of the month

If the national holiday falls on a Monday, the salon will be open on that day and closed on the next day.


• English
• Japanese

Accepted Payments: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners

Free Wi-Fi

A Time-tested Treatment Brought to You with Modern Japanese Technology


The sparkling water spa (also known as “soda spa” or “carbonated water spa”) at Dot+LIM is created by combining hot water and carbon dioxide (CO2). Popular at high-end salons around the world, this technique was created in Japan. Salons create their own artificially-made sparkling water (as opposed to the natural version found in hot springs), for hair and scalp treatments. However, the nature of natural and artificial sparkling water is the same, and you can expect the same results from this creative cleansing technique.

Detoxify Your Scalp!

Sparkling water increases blood circulation in the scalp much more than just hot water. Because of this, impurities like dirt, oil, styling products and sebum stuck to the hair and scalp, are lifted away at the roots by the carbonated water’s bubbles.

The sparkling water spa feels exactly like you’d expect it to! As the carbonated water runs over your scalp, you can feel the bubbles bursting. This sensation may tickle a little bit, but it feels very refreshing as it lifts impurities from your scalp and hair, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.

IMG_2342Look at all the impurities in the water! My hair and scalp felt so clean afterwards though.

Organic Shampoo and Hair Treatment

The organic products from LISARCH are available for purchase and can be seen as soon as you go down the stairs. In this service package, you are given sample test-tubes to smell in order to decide which you like, and this will be used during your treatment and massage. Each fragrance is made from natural ingredients: the shampoos and treatments don’t smell like perfume. These organic products will leave your hair smelling clean and refreshed.


LIM’s original organic products: 94% natural ingredients, made by their Japanese laboratory, LISARCH


Sample test-tubes to smell in order to decide which one you like

The massage begins after adding the organic LISARCH shampoo to the hair, causing a very bubbly lather by the end of the treatment. The stylists are trained to target certain pressure points in the head and neck. The pressure can be strong, but the feeling is absolutely relaxing. The sparkling spa, the organic shampoo, and the massage – all take place while you are seated in a special chair that reclines completely flat into a bed. It’s so incredibly comfortable and sleep-inducing that it has been nicknamed the “dream seat”.

Don’t worry, they can handle your stubborn hair!

Many members of the staff will have no problem communicating with you in English, but please bring an example photo of the style you’d like regardless. Some members of the staff have cut hair abroad, so don’t worry about having non-Japanese hair.

The stylists can draw sketches of how your style can be improved, and how they plan to cut, before the beginning of the service in order to ensure you receive the style that will most delight you.

IMG_2266A lovely and easy-to-understand drawing of the haircut you’re about to receive.

For reference, I’m Caucasian-American with thin and wavy/curly/kinky hair. While this intimidates me at most salons in Japan, the staff at Dot+LIM have a lot of experience with making even the most unmanageable hair into something you’ll feel proud to show off.No matter your hair type, the staff will take the time to analyze it and do everything in their power to provide you with refreshed, luxurious hair.

IMG_2486My clean hair and scalp left me with a lot of curl and volume. My stylist was able to tame it, thankfully.

IMG_2525My stylist spent a lot of time blowing out my hair. He was so patient!

A few days after this treatment, my scalp still feels refreshed and clean. I have a very oily scalp, but I have not had as much oil production since this treatment almost a week ago.

Besides helping your scalp and hair reset to their natural state and giving them a break, it also feels incredibly relaxing. Doesn’t everyone deserve to be pampered now and then?

7,040 JPY
Tax incl. No tipping in Japan

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