HATYATO Color Dye 1

The Ultimate All-Inclusive Tokyo Hair Coloring Package

From bleaching to balayage and everything in between, transform your look and your life with a brand new hair color!

Salon Price 26,400 JPY
TBS Price 20,000 JPY
Tax included, no tips in Japan

Service includes:

・Any hair color you like from the following: Ombre, Gradation/Dip-dye, Highlights/Lowlights, Bleaching, Weaving, Balayage, Toner, Double process color
・Shampoo, drying and styling
・Deep conditioning hair treatment
・A home care product as a souvenir


Please note that if you have extremely damaged hair, the stylist may not be able to dye your hair due to the likelihood of further damaging your hair. Super-straightening, extremely high-tone colors, or bleach can only be applied for sure after the stylist examines your hair and may decline to perform the service.


Time required depending on what type of color you choose

Hayato Tokyo in Omotesando, Tokyo
Salon: Hayato Tokyo Omotesando
Salon Location:

1 minute walk from Omotesando Station (Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line)

* Once booking is confirmed, we email you the salon direction map and contact details.

Opening Hours:

• Weekdays, National holidays and Sundays 10:00-20:00
* Closed Tuesdays


• English
• Japanese

Accepted Payments: Cash, VISA, MasterCard

Free Wi-Fi

As you walk into Hayato hair salon, the stylists will likely greet you in English as you come in thanks to completing training abroad at Hayato’s salons in New York City and London. The stylists are actually fluent in English due to training and taking English language classes in New York City for at least two years, so you can enjoy a nice conversation while your hair is transformed. As you might expect, they are popular among foreigners in Tokyo because of the stylists’ English skills and experience with hair of varying texture and volume. But the amazing technique and service offered at reasonable prices make this East-meets-West salon stand out, especially when it comes to color!

The Search for the Perfect Highlights

Our first model Lana is a lovely mother looking for great highlights with a fun accent.

She explained that she has a hard time bleaching her hair in Japan because the oxidation percentage available here is too strong for her hair, and it’s illegal to import hair bleach from other countries into Japan! The stylists were able to supply a weaker, less-damaging percentage that was perfect for her hair thickness and texture.

Unlike most salons, they have no limit on the number of foils they use in your hair. This means that highlights can be very precisely distributed (the stylist was incredibly careful to divide the hair into the smallest sections possible), giving you the most natural-looking highlights possible.

Our model’s stylist estimated that over 100 foils were used to achieve this look!

Lana was then asked to choose a toner from a sample hair book when it was time to wash out the bleach, allowing her to have as much control over her final color as possible. After massaging the toner through the hair until the desired color was achieved, the result looks so natural.

Lana wanted to have a little fun while she was here, so she decided to pink dip-dyed/gradation ends. Hair damage is minimized in the coloring process as they check the condition of her hair. After getting the stylist’s okay and choosing her desired color from another sample book, the stylist created the perfect blend of conditioning color dye.

HATYATO Color Dye 1
Those highlights look so natural thanks to the precision and technique of the stylist!

Fun Color, Even with Damage?

Our next beautiful model is a young Asian-American woman with previously-bleached hair. She came hoping that she could have a fun look without damaging her hair further, and her stylist did everything possible to deliver. He took special care to only apply bleach to her virgin hair, including avoiding folding the foil to keep the application precise. After washing out the bleach, the stylist created the perfect shade of purple to match the photograph our model brought in.

HATYATO Color Dye 7The machine in the photo is apparently used to speed up the process as it rotates around your head.

After applying the dye to the bleached ends, the end color is an amazing dip-dye/gradation of bright purple! After receiving a deep moisture treatment plus a shiatsu head and neck massage, our model’s hair is styled.

HATYATO Color Dye 2Any color is available!

Both ladies received a 5-step moisture treatment after their coloring was complete along with a shiatsu massage (that all of the staff has had training for), leaving their hair and spirits feeling refreshed. There’s also a home care product included in the package, so you can keep your great color going as long as possible.

HATYATO Color Dye 4This 5-step deep moisture treatment will leave your hair feeling better than before the color.

Whether you’re looking for natural-looking color or something fun and funky, you’ll definitely be blown away by Tokyo’s leading color salon.

20,000 JPY
Tax included, no tips in Japan

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