English-Speaking Hair Salons for Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment in Tokyo

Whereas conventional treatments superficially repair the hair with silicones and polymers, Tokio Inkarami hair treatment system repairs the hair completely from the inside out – and uses the Nobel Prize-winning ingredient – fullerene – to absorb active oxygen, thereby slowing down the hair’s aging process. It is perfect for damaged hair issues like split ends and dullness, and it also tames frizz in naturally wavy hair.

Change Up Your Style With Tokyo Hairstyle Transformations

Transform your hairstyle and get a relaxing head spa or Tokio Inkarami hair treatment. Become the new you!

Fix Your Damaged Hair With Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment in Tokyo

For strong and healthy hair from root to tip, try the industry-leading, ultimate repair Tokio Inkarami Salon System treatment.

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For luscious locks, healthy scalp, and ultimate relaxation, schedule a hair pampering session with Apish’s highly qualified all-female team!